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Say Yes to De-stress for Happier Employees

Say Yes to De-stress for Happier Employees


Stress is a significant issue for workers everywhere. Earning an income is important, but a combination of expectations at work and people’s own expectations of themselves can lead to a lot of pressure. Personal factors can influence how stressed people feel at work too, and too much stress can affect their performance. If you care about the health of your employees and the productivity of your business, thinking about how you can tackle stress can make a big difference. Even when things at home are causing your employees stress, you can still provide them with the right tools to deal with it.

Help Them Handle One of Their Biggest Worries

Many people will place money in the top three things that they worry about most. Even people who are financially comfortable will still worry about what their future looks like. If you want to help your employees with the stress caused by money, you can start by ensuring they are paid a decent wage and benefits package. However, that’s not the only thing you can do. You can also offer them education and support so you can encourage employee financial wellbeing. One of the benefits you can offer your employees is a service to reach out to when they need financial advice. Less money-related stress for them means better performance for you.

Set a Good Example

People will often look to their boss for how to behave at work. They will likely have heard someone say that you shouldn’t leave the office until your boss does. So if you eat lunch at your desk and don’t leave until late, they could follow your example and do the same. Not only is that not good for you, but it’s not good for them either. If you want your employees to engage in healthy behaviors, you need to demonstrate them. Create a healthy work/life balance for yourself so your employees can have one too.

Give Them Tools to Deal with Stress

A certain amount of stress is part of life. It can’t be eliminated completely, but we can all find healthy ways to deal with it. Try encouraging your employees to deal with stress by giving them the tools to do so. You could have sessions with an expert who can teach them various methods of relaxing or de-stressing. Concepts like meditation or mindfulness can be useful for people who are unsure how they can unwind or have never stopped to think about how to deal with stress.

Foster an Enjoyable Work Environment and Culture

If your work environment is full of stress, anxiety and tension, it’s not going to make anyone feel good. People need to feel comfortable and happy if you want them to do their best work. Part of this relates to how everyone communicates with each other and gets along. You need a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels they can communicate openly. You can also think about the layout of your workplace and whether it could be too cluttered or noisy.

Helping your employees deal with stress has benefits for both them and you. Happier workers are more productive and do better work, and they’re more likely to stick around.

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