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The Secret Factors That Will Make Customers Love Your Business

The Secret Factors That Will Make Customers Love Your Business


If you have a store or business premises, you’ll want more than just to have people coming through the door and using your services: you want them to love being there. Of course, that’s easier said than done; how do you go about making a person fall in love with your business? The answer can be condensed into a five point plan, which is outlined below. With these five things onsite, it’ll be hard for a customer to resist!

Smiling, Happy Staff

Let’s be honest with ourselves, being told: “have a nice day” has more or less lost its meaning. You’ll have asked your staff to be smiling, happy, nice to the customers, but that’ll only ensure that no complaints are made: it won’t make people fall in love with your business. For that to happen, your staff need to be legitimately happy, and that will only happen if your place is a genuinely enjoyable place to work, and they feel valued. There’s nothing better than seeing staff having fun at work when they don’t have to. If your employees are happy, it’ll naturally rub off onto your customers.

The Perfect Ambience

It’s the things that are just under the surface, the things we don’t fully register, that can make a place enjoyable to spend time in. And if people are sticking around just because your place of business is enjoyable to be in, they will surely spend something eventually! Work on creating an ambiance that suits your type of business. Play music in the background, disperse aromas via a cold air diffuser, and install atmospheric lighting; they will all contribute to a pleasant mood. They’ll walk in from the street and feel a sense of calm, even if they’re unable to pinpoint exactly why they feel it.  

Bonus Touches

Never underestimate just how much people enjoy being given things for free. If you’re able to offer free coffee, samples, or anything else to your customers, you’ll be gaining their love through the old tried and tested routine: by giving them a present. Aside from charming them with your offerings, this might also be a way to market your offerings without any great cost to your business.

The Fun Zone

It’s always refreshing to walk into a place of business or a store and see something in there that isn’t only about making the company money. You’re in business because you want to be a success, but it should also be about fun. If it’s not fun, then why do it? Having a DJ booth spinning records, a photo booth, game stations, typewriters, or other creative activities will create a buzz around your company. People like doing fun things, so let them do while they’re at your business!

Natural Love

Part of having an easy-going, enjoyable atmosphere in your company is to…be easy-going and making having fun a priority. If you try too hard to win your customer’s hearts, it’s likely to end in heartbreak. Play it cool, make it effortless, and you’ll win them over.

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