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Setting The Right Tone To Attract New Customers

Setting The Right Tone To Attract New Customers


Marketing planning is challenging. One of the most difficult tasks for any campaign is to set the tone right. You might perceive it to be a friendly reach-out. Others might find it inappropriate. The trouble is, all digital marketing has the potential to go global, regardless of your geographic targeting. That means you should be considering the tone of the message for people far beyond your intended reach. The potential to cause harm to your business reputation could be enormous.

What Can I Do?

Setting the right tone might require you to use focus groups and small group testing. If you yourself are not perfectly matched to your customer profile, then your opinions won’t be perfectly matched to your customers. You need to find groups that do meet that criterion, but you should also test on others to see the full picture of response.

One way to check you’re in the right ballpark is to examine what your closest competitors are releasing. You should also see what other non-competitive brands with the same target market are using too. See what the chatter is about their latest campaigns. Are their customers (your potential market) loving it or loathing it? Pull out the actionable words in the campaign and see what images they are using.

What If I’ve Already Got It Wrong?

Sometimes human error creates a big mess. Despite your best intentions, a customer might have become frustrated or angry. And now they’ve chosen to vent negative or sarcastic criticism online! They might have deliberately shared those comments publicly and even warned readers to avoid your company. This can be heartbreaking, and it can also cost you sales. It’s important you speak to online reputation management experts to find out how you can repair the damage. With a good team on your side, you may be able to action a plan to prevent this type of thing from ever happening again


Yes, your tone of voice throughout each of your campaigns must be consistent if you’re trying to adjust your brand positioning. Once you’ve found the target audience, make sure you screen every communication to closely match your chosen tone of voice. This needs to include customer services and order emails. Keep it consistent so that the customer gets what they expect from you when you engage each other.

Attracting More Customers

With clarity and consistency, your path toward an increased market share will be much smoother. Speak to new customers in the tone of voice they want to be spoken to. This will, of course, differ with every group and for every company. If you sell professional services, then you need to speak professionally and authoritatively. If you sell skateboards, chances are you need to make sure your tone is friendly and casual enough. You’ll need to meet the requirements of your target youth-based market.

One of the most important things to remember is where you place those messages. Some media may not be appropriate to your service offering or customer base. And some tones of voice may not be welcome in those places either. Set the tone but place the message in the right place at the right time to ensure maximum impact.

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