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Show Off! Finding The Best Ways To Promote Your Business

Show Off! Finding The Best Ways To Promote Your Business


If you’ve worked hard developing your business, it’s understandable to want to show it off. The trouble lies in finding the best ways to promote your company. If sales have slowed or you’ve got a brand new venture preparing to launch, it’s important to get people talking. Here are some effective techniques to try and take your business to the next level.

Online marketing

Did you know that more than 3.2 billion people in the world use the Internet? Online marketing is one of the most powerful techniques modern businesses can use. Consider how many marketing emails you get per day as a consumer or how often you click on adverts on social media or use search engines to find services or buy products. Now, imagine your business making use of those techniques and having the ability to reach out to thousands, even millions of consumers on a daily basis.

Not all businesses will benefit from every form of online marketing technique, and it’s wise to tailor your strategy to identify which methods will work best. To begin with, you may try a variety of approaches, but you may find that some are more successful than others. Make use of analytic tools and customer feedback to enable you to pick and choose the best techniques. Once you’ve identified the strategies that are most effective, you can narrow your options down even further. If you’re enjoying success through social media advertising or posting, for example, you may be able to pinpoint platforms that are attracting more attention than others. There’s no point in paying for Twitter adverts if you’re only turning heads on Instagram or Facebook, for example.

It’s really important to learn continually and to be able to adapt your campaign to suit changing trends. Keep an eye out for what works and what seems to be falling flat. If you’ve got an email campaign, what kinds of straplines or subjects are making people open your message and what types of offer or discount are most appealing? Use any information you gain to shape the strategy going forward. You may find that your customers ask about an app after using your website, for example. Apps are a fantastic tool for many businesses because they enable clients to access the information they need swiftly, and you can enjoy a constant presence on the user’s screen. The average person checks their phone up to 85 times per day. That’s 85 times just one person could see your brand name and logo every single day.

Improving your SEO game

SEO is a really important component of online marketing for many businesses in this day and age. Every year, Google conducts at least 2 trillion searches. Statistics show that 75 percent of people don’t make it past the first page of search results, so your aim as a business owner should be to climb as high as possible in the search rankings. You want customers to find you instantly if they use a term or word related to your business in any way. It’s not easy to get SEO right if you have limited experience, but there are expert agencies out there, and you may wish to consider hiring SEO experts or working with freelancers if this is an area on which you want to focus. A successful SEO strategy should prioritize good quality, engaging content, which champions the brand and uses keywords and search terms in a natural way. You don’t want to bombard potential customers with paragraphs filled with commonly used phrases and search words, as they will lose interest quickly and you could face penalties. Running a blog on your website is a great idea, as it enables you to post frequently, produce interesting and informative content and interact with your customers.

Organizing business events

If you’ve got a business you want to put on the map, planning an event could really work in your favor. There are various types of event, including trade shows, product launches, and networking events. If you are thinking about attending or hosting an event, it’s essential to prepare in advance.

Trade shows

Trade shows are a brilliant platform to show off your business and encourage people to take an interest in what you do and what you’re selling. If you’ve never been to a show before, it’s worth attending one as a visitor to get an idea of what works, get some inspiration and ideas and work out how you could make the most out of any events you go to as an exhibitor in the future. Looks are everything at a trade show, so it’s worth thinking carefully about how you want to create displays and set up your booth. If you’re not blessed with creative talents, and you really want to make a splash, it may be worth working with an exhibit company. Contact some companies, look through some portfolios and galleries and search for firms that have experience in assisting companies that are similar to your business.

Search for shows that are relevant to your company and start planning. Once you’ve got the aesthetics sorted, focus on selling, generating a buzz and following up on leads. This is your chance to showcase new products or introduce people to new services, so be enthusiastic, engage with your audience and provide them with an experience when they visit your booth. Make sure you have a firm grasp on the numbers and be ready to answer questions.

Product launches

If you’re launching a new product, it’s a fantastic idea to plan an event. Put together a guest list and find a venue. Try and invite people who will take an interest in the product and hopefully either feature it on a blog or TV or radio show or place an order. It’s a good idea to try and contact buyers as well as industry experts and insiders and bloggers or media professionals looking for the next big thing. You want to use the event to drum up interest and spread the word. Social media is massive these days, so consider setting up a live feed or ask one of your team to post live clips or images throughout the day. This way, you can connect with a wider audience and make those who aren’t there in person feel involved.

Aim to make your product launch memorable. It’s always wise to bear in mind that some of the people you invite will attend similar events on a regular basis. You need to make sure that they remember your company and persuade them that you’re worth their time or investment. Go for a quirky venue, make your pitch interactive or do something different like making a video rather than standing on a stage with cue cards.

Marketing at a local level

Many new businesses aim to conquer a local market, and sometimes, social media and business events aren’t the only means of spreading the word. If you’re opening a new cafe or a hair salon, for example, you may find that more traditional methods, such as posting adverts in newspapers or local magazines or posting flyers through the door, may have more of an impact. Include a discount on flyers, leave some business cards with other local firms or stores and plan a grand opening to let people know that you’re ready and raring to go. You could contact the local press to run a story and offer promotional discounts for those who recommend you after attending the event. Once you’ve started to establish a client base, maintain your customer’s interest. It’s really important to get new faces through the door, but don’t underestimate the importance of loyalty. Repeat customers are your easiest target, so reward their custom and listen to them. Asking for feedback is an excellent way to improve your business and make the company more customer-focused.

If you’ve worked hard to build a business from scratch, the next stage is to promote it in the best way possible. If you’ve got something brilliant, you want as many people as possible to know all about it and to love it just as much as you do. There are countless different types of marketing methods, and it can take time and a period of trial and error to determine what will work best for you. A new cafe will probably have a different approach to a cutting-edge SEO agency, for example. Use market research to make your campaign relevant and ensure that you’re always thinking about your target market. You should understand how they shop, what kinds of incentives they look for and how much they’re willing to spend. Keep an eye on analytics, ask customers how they heard about you and be prepared to adapt and adjust your plans as you go. Tap into new trends and focus your energy and investment on avenues that are proving to be successful. If you’ve generated huge orders at a trade show, look for other opportunities in the coming weeks or months and follow up potential leads. If your Instagram account is on fire, keep posting, interact with your followers and encourage them to share your updates. It always pays to promote your business, it’s just a matter of finding the best ways for you.

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