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Smart Businesses Head For The Smartphones

Smart Businesses Head For The Smartphones


In case you haven’t already noticed, more people are spending more time with their smartphones than ever before. They’re able to do everything with it, connecting with worldwide communities, having fun, managing their lives and, yes, supporting businesses. The online revolution was one thing but we’re still very much in the midst of the mobile revolution. By thinking about your smartphone approach and making sure you’re taking that sizeable portion of the market seriously, you can still get ahead of the wave.

It all starts with the site

Just as creating a website is any business’s essential first step to getting started online, making your site mobile device friendly is your first step in becoming a business better connected with smartphones. A modern website needs to be responsive. You can start with a website that’s ready to scale to any resolution as a quick fix, for instance, but on the more complex sites that won’t work. You also have to think about what the design will look about when squished down. More businesses are starting to create mobile device-specific sub-sites that users on those devices will get automatically directed to. Just remember, if they visit the site on their mobile device and it looks like a jumbled mess, they’re more likely to just give up on it rather than see if it works on the computer.

The latest appenin’ thing

Business apps have been around for some time. However, as Dealdash shows, if you have an inventive new way to lend some convenience or extra insight to customers, you can still make a splash and become the most up-to-date and inventive business in the whole market. You don’t necessarily have to offer a whole e-commerce app to rival an existing e-commerce site, either. You can use an app instead to connect to your brick and mortar business for easier pick-ups or to check things in stock. You can use it to provide estimates on services you provide. You can even use it as a scheduling tool so customers can more easily find times to use your services that work both for you and them.

Learn how they speak

Beyond the fact that things look very different on mobile and there are apps you can make specifically for them, it’s worth considering the very different way that mobile users interact with the net compared to laptop and desktop users. For one, social media has a much stronger presence for mobile audiences. So, when you’re creating content for content marketing, it might be best to think of content that works best for social media rather than other sharing methods, as HubSpot suggests. That means that your mobile users are a lot more likely to both see and share. Then there are mobile-specific tools like SnapChat worth considering. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon regular computer users, of course. Just that you should find the balance between both.

Already, businesses that aren’t mobile friendly are being considered outdated. It’s not as major an issue for smaller brands, but it does mean that you might be able to get an advantage that your competitors don’t yet hand. So, don’t wait around. Get smart.

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