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Are There Still Advantages to Traditional Marketing?

Are There Still Advantages to Traditional Marketing?


Although there are many advantages to online marketing, it doesn’t mean businesses should ignore traditional marketing. There are many businesses that have completely left behind traditional marketing because they believe they’re getting everything they need out of online marketing. That could be a colossal mistake. Think about the advantages of television, radio and print. They remain three of the best marketing strategies for small and large companies. So, what are the advantages of using these traditional methods?

Increased Reach

Digital marketers are always quick to point out the fact that social media has given businesses a bigger reach than ever before. However, what about the people who choose not to social media or aren’t tech-savvy? It may be a small percentage of the population, but with traditional marketing you’re covering all angles. Don’t miss out on custom because you make the mistake of using online marketing only.

Mass Media

The advantages of using mass media, like television or radio, is to target new audiences. So, if you release a television advert you may reach someone you didn’t predict would be interested in your products and services. When you use online marketing, your audience is usually targeted from research you’ve done into who is most likely to buy from the business. Mass media doesn’t target specific ages, genders or backgrounds, so you have the advantage of gaining new custom from unsuspected people.

Making It Personal

Consumers are far more likely to buy from a business they feel they have a connection with. It’s hard to forge that kind of connection online, but giving someone something that’s tangible instead gives businesses a better chance. For example, using a poster printing service to create a call to action in shop windows, or sending your customers a birthday card each year could help the relationship develop quickly. In a world full of online communication, sometimes it’s nice to receive a brochure through the door instead of an email. It could help your business to stand out.

Stay Memorable

There is so much going on online that it’s difficult for businesses to stay memorable. Within a few minutes of someone seeing a business ad, they’re often looking at something else and the business has been totally forgotten. However, handing out business cards or business pens could help you to remain in your audience’s thoughts. Which business is likely to get custom? The one that attempts to advertise online or the one that has pride of place on the kitchen fridge?

Spontaneous Purchases

When someone is using a laptop to make purchases, those purchases are usually planned. However, when a shopper is out and about and comes across a form of traditional marketing, like a billboard or shop window advert, it could result in a spontaneous purchase. Even if you haven’t got a bricks and mortar store, what’s to stop someone seeing your traditional advertising and making a purchase on their smartphone there and then?

Traditional marketing isn’t as valuable as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s valueless.


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