Home Business Stop Annoying Your Staff! 3 Mistakes That Limit Productivity In Your Office
Stop Annoying Your Staff! 3 Mistakes That Limit Productivity In Your Office

Stop Annoying Your Staff! 3 Mistakes That Limit Productivity In Your Office


Lots of business owners blame their employees for never reaching maximum productivity. They claim that workers spend too much time talking and not concentrating on their duties. However, sometimes it’s the boss’s fault that staff members can’t work as hard as they’d like. Considering that, take a quick read through this post and ensure you’re not making any of the silly mistakes mentioned below. When all’s said and done, entrepreneurs who reassess their approach from time to time will struggle to steal the lion’s share of their markets.

Asking your employees to clean the office

Nothing is more infuriating for an employee than being asked to clean the office at the end of the day. In most instances, that duty is not part of their contracts, and so while the workers might comply, they will do so while biting their tongues. Do everyone a favor and hire a commercial cleaning firm to handle the process. That idea is not going to break the bank as you will only have to employ their services for a couple of hours each day. However, that move enables your employees to focus on their work and make the best use of their time. Why would anyone pay a web designer’s wage to someone only to ask them to use a mop? That doesn’t make sense!

Not providing a break room

All workplaces should feature a break room where staff members can chill out while eating their lunch. Failure to supply one of those will mean that employees have to eat at their desks, and that will create a lot of distractions for other team members if people don’t take their breaks at the same time. Also, that increases the chances of computer damage when someone accidentally spills their coffee on the keyboard. Make sure you break room includes:

  • A dining table
  • Comfortable seating
  • A means of entertainment (TV or pool table maybe?)
  • Soundproofing

Failing to maintain the air conditioner

The climate in this country is often hot and stuffy. So, office workers will often struggle to concentrate and feel comfortable if you don’t keep on top of air conditioner maintenance. The same is usually true during the winter months when you need the heater to work correctly. It’s a straightforward problem to solve, and so you just need to get in touch with some relevant specialists. In most instances, you should pay for maintenance every twelve months. That way, you should spot any issues before they become severe and enable you to take decisive action ahead of time.

If you stop making all those mistakes, your staff will become more productive, and your profits will increase. Of course, there are thousands of other ways in which you might hinder your team. For that reason, it makes sense to hold a meeting and ask for suggestions and advice. The people working in your office are the ones best placed to highlight the areas in which you could improve. Take any ideas your employees produce and put them into action!

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