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How Store Your Stock Securely

How Store Your Stock Securely


As the owner of a business, storing the inventory which you produce and sell is perhaps the most integral part of the whole business. It is the hub of your operations and it is where your money ultimately comes from. That’s why it is crucial that you take the proper measures to make sure that your stock is stored securely and in an easily accessible place if you need it. Here are some tips to help you sort out your storage space for better security.

Choose Your Storage

The first step to making sure you store your items correctly is to choose the form of storage you would like. It’s no good having the stock sitting in your home or office waiting to be sent out, you need a proper form of storage to keep everything organized, accounted for and in good condition. There are a huge range of storage and shelving units available to businesses, and you will need to work out which type is best for you. For example, if you are to be storing heavy electrical equipment such as printers or computers, you may want to make sure that you get a sturdy steel frame and also invest in a NortherMat to support the weight. Whereas if you are going to be storing small items such as tools and components- you may want a bin shelving unit to keep everything organized.

Build from the ground up

One of the most common problems with any business storing their equipment is running out of space. Warehouse storage rent is expensive and you may not want to fork out for those extra acres of land to store your equipment and stock in. Instead, make the most of the height of the space and build your shelving up. You can always buy a couple of forklift trucks so that you have easy access to the stock, and it will save money in storage.

Clear out clutter

Just like your home, sometimes you will need to perform a spring clean on your warehouse. If you have some items which are a few years old and need to be gotten rid of to make room for a new range: reduce the price of them and list them as clearance. It will mean that you won’t lose all of your money on the products, and you’ll free up space for fresh product in the warehouse.

Labels and Maps

Now that you have the storage space for your stock, you will need to make sure that you know where every item is when you come to needing it. Try labelling each aisle of shelving, the row and column: and map out where each item is in the warehouse so that you always know where to go for a product when you need it. You can use a map system and label the aisle as a number, the row as a letter and the position as a number. It is very similar to what you’ll see in IKEA when you come to pick up items.


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