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Supporting Your Team Through Their Career

Supporting Your Team Through Their Career


One of your most important jobs as a manager is to invest your time in your workers and make sure they are able to develop both personally and professionally alongside you. If you want to find ways to help your employees in their career path this year, here are some of the things you can do.

Get to know them

The vital thing you need to make an effort to do as an employer is to get to know your workers. Every person who comes into your workplace is an individual, and they will all have their own strengths, weaknesses and passions in life. It is important as a team to take the time for bonding and team building days. Spend the day doing something new and exciting with your teams such as an Escape room or a trip to the beach, and this will give you the chance to get to know your workers as people. Once you work out what motivates them, you can work to their strengths and support them in their career path.

Learning is key

The sign of a great leader is the ability to offer resources and encourage training in your team. There are too many bosses out there who avoid offering training because they don’t want their employees to be promoted ahead of them, but this is not the way you are meant to be as a leader. Sure, one of your employees could be promoted above you one day, but it is something you should be proud of, not resentful of.

Rotate roles

Although on paper every employee has a specific skill set and job role, this doesn’t always need to be the case in the office. Humans thrive on variety, and they love being able to adapt to new things and learn new skills. Once a month, swap your employee’s job roles around for a few days. It will give them the chance to learn more about the mechanics of a business, and give them extra skills they can use later in their career.

Be a mentor

Take time out of your week to have one to one meetings with your employees. Invest your time in them and talk to them about how they are progressing, what parts of the job they enjoy and what they can continue to learn during the next week. Give them challenges, trust them with projects and then sit down and go through the work. This will allow you to unlock hidden potential in your workers and see what they are really made of.

Work-life balance

It is important for you to remember that although a job is important, it is just a job. Every person who works for you has other parts of their life and other commitments to face in their personal lives. You need to respect that their job is not their life, and sometimes work will not come first. As a manager, all you can do is support your workers and offer them more flexibility in their role to allow them to carry on working with you. If you can do this, your workers will stay loyal to you.

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