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Running a business in the 21st century means that you have to get in touch with the tech world. You can be an old-fashioned company, but if you want to make it in today’s world, you need to be able to connect with your customers through the world of tech. It can be a bit of an overload even if you’re tech-savvy, but there are many things that can both help you to manage your business and to manage your tech.

By grouping some things into one place, you can un-complicate things, and by using technology to your advantage, you ensure that your company is keeping up with the times.

Google It

Google is the leading browser in the world. It also comes with a whole host of useful apps that you can utilize for your business; things like Docs, Gmail, Calendar, and Finance are great additions to your business management, they can be managed from any device and all link together. However having all these different apps can crowd up your devices – you can get one app that will manage all your Google apps. G Suite is accessible on any device and has added business management options.


Project management isn’t just a job description. There is plenty of software out there that can help you manage all your projects. This can be anything from office tasks to building sites around the country. Apps like Dapulse allow you to keep track of where each project is at, and how much progress has been made.


As any business owner could tell you, you will always find that ideas come to you at the most awkward moments; when you’re on the train, or half-way through the morning dog walk. Those are times when you need an app where you can write it all don in a cohesive way. Evernote allows you to do that as well as share ideas with other people, and to even save inspiration or information from the internet. Everyone spends time scrolling through the internet, and there are those posts that you send to someone else just so that you can access it later.


Depending on your business, you might need to look into specific software to help you manage your inventory and invoicing. ERP software for breweries is a great piece of tech that would help any brewery to keep on top of all the business specifics surrounding that industry.


Social media is the biggest part of modern-day marketing, but there is a whole host of apps that will take up your time. Even though most social media platforms allow you to post on more than one at once, it can get a bit much. Buffer can help you manage all the different platforms in regards to posting and managing content.

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