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Is It Time For An Online Store Reboot?

Is It Time For An Online Store Reboot?


There comes a point in every business where you need to update things – website content, office technology, even your online store. Updating is something that you will need to do purely to stay ahead of the competition and to stay abreast of the tidal wave that is technology advancement.

Your online store will have been built on a platform geared towards selling products and will have required updates in the past. But are you at a point where you need to relaunch your site altogether? Some platforms can only be updated so many times before they become slow, or they might update in a way that you don’t like. In these instances and many more, you might choose to switch platforms and completely update your online store.

Here is a pros and cons list as to why you should or shouldn’t go ahead with a relaunch.


Websites have developed far beyond the original lists of categories, word art and metallic options on buttons. Sites now have some very familiar features no matter where you go – those three little lines that you know means ‘menu’, how you know to hover over headings to bring up a drop-down menu, and how the options of little squares is actually how you would like to view items on the page. You subconsciously notice these things and automatically know how to use them. With a new platform, like a B2B ecommerce site, you can use these familiar features to create a site that is easy for anyone to navigate.

You might also be able to gain access to new technology by updating your site. A lot of older platforms don’t allow you access to widgets for social media, which is a huge part of today’s marketing. And if they do, it can seem a bit out of place, or just unnecessarily complicated to apply. Newer platforms are geared towards these types of technology, and most templates will already include them, making it so easy to utilize them for your store.

New sites can be more aesthetically pleasing too. Older ones can be a bit information overload and slide more towards clip art than professional designs.


The biggest con against building a whole new site comes in the form of money. It takes time to build a new site, and time is money. If your current site is out of action for a while, you’re going to lose money and customers. And creating a new site anyway will cost you money, you will need to hire someone to create it, or buy the software, and you’ll need to pay someone to put every piece of inventory you have onto the new site.

The site you already have is a tried and tested formula that you understand. And, more importantly, your existing customers know how to use it and might be annoyed at the changes you make. The unfamiliarity of the new site might be enough to jar your existing customers rather than make them feel more comfortable.

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