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Turn Your Business Trip into a Business Holiday

Turn Your Business Trip into a Business Holiday


It takes a lot to pluck the magic out of traveling, but if there is anything that can do it successfully it is putting the word business slap bang in front of it. Business travel, urgh. Sure, it is great at first but, as anyone who has been exposed to business travel for more than six days will tell you, that novelty tends to wear off rather quickly.

Hectic airports, busy flights, crowded seats, long delays, bad weather, jet lag and travel fatigue. Yeah, there are a lot of variables that can eat away at your enjoyment. However, there are some techniques that can make hopping on another plane and shooting off on another trip a lot more enjoyable.

So, without further ado, here are our top tips on how to make your next business trip less hellish and more fun:

  1. Avoid Everything That Annoys You

All those things that take the magic out of your travels need to be avoided if you are going to enjoy your next trip. Luckily, most of these can be solved relatively easily. If you hate queues, then traveling light and booking in online can see you miss all the queues going, as can a speedy-boarding ticket. If you hate cheap motels that accentuate the fact you’re away from home, then upgrade yourself and go to an Amsterdam Inn & Suites. If it is screaming babies or teenagers ruining the English language you despise, then get earphones/plugs. And, most importantly of all, stop rushing. That adds to the stress. Instead, give yourself lots of time.

  1. Mix In A Vacay-Day

You may think this is a totally madcap and unfeasible idea, but you’ll be surprised how much you could, in fact, save by tagging a vacation day onto the end of your trip. Don’t believe us then check out Skyscanner. Instead of heading back on a Friday, when prices are crazy high, look into heading back on Sunday morning and see how much cheaper prices are. Then use that extra day to actually see the city you are in, instead of just seeing the inside of an airport, hotel and conference room. Taking time for yourself and meeting up with distant friends is an ace way to have fun.

  1. Music Feeds The Soul, Right?

There is nothing that can enhance mood quite as sweetly as music. That’s why you listen to music when you are feeling down, when you are working, traveling, commuting or about to go out on the town. But instead of just listening to that playlist you love on Spotify, why not create a city specific playlist before you leave. Every city has its own amazing music scene, it is just up to you to unearth that. Listen to what came out of there and what is emerging now and get listening. You could even go a few steps further and see if any of these bands or artists are performing while you are away.

They may seem like simple bits of advice, but it is always the simplest ideas that make the biggest difference. Now go and enjoy your next business holiday. That’s right, we could it a holiday.

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