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The Ultimate Office Environment For Increased Productivity

The Ultimate Office Environment For Increased Productivity


When it comes to leading an office environment, getting everything working on a manageable level is a testament to just how good at your job you are. The efficiency that you need to exude isn’t just down to how you set the workloads for your team members or even how much discipline you use to progress your employees and meet target – but instead, how much your office operates on the whole. This is down not just to the ergonomics and design of the space, but how everything functions within. So what ideas can we magpie to use within our own offices to help them get to where they need to be?

Hire A Cleaner

It’s true that a cluttered workspace isn’t an efficient one – except for the ones that have made the mess and know where everything is within their organized chaos. Therefore, it suits freelancers and the self-employed lone workers a lot more than it does within a small team or organization. If a desk is looking too cluttered, something needs to be done about it by the person who has created the mess. Everything else needs to be left to the person who is managing the office. Hiring a cleaner to give the space a thorough clean each week means that you are focusing on keeping the place tidy and as an efficient workground.

Fix The Problems

The one thing that stunts the productivity of a workforce is a small problem that keeps on niggling. It wastes time through people complaining about it and enquiring as to when it is going to get fixed, as well as potentially being off putting to those who have to work within its presence. If you have a roof that is leaking, think about getting a commercial roof fitted instead of the one that you are working under to get a better guarantee and longevity out of the product; if your photocopier leaves streaks, get a new one or pay for maintenance before it gets any worse; if a wheel on a chair is loose, repair it before it falls off and somebody under your care gets hurt. Some aren’t simply solutions by any means, but getting the problems fixed before they turn into a disaster of some sorts is definitely the way forward.

Give Welcome Distraction

Plants do a lot more for our mood than we like to give them credit for. So does art. They are both mood-lifters which can provide an extremely welcome distraction for your workforce without completely taking over their thoughts. Think of it as just a little visual perk for them to break up their day before getting on to whatever else they need to do. In fact, there are certain offices which have reported a benefit to giving their employees desk plants to look after to increase a sense of responsibility when they come into work. They then impart this responsibility onto the tasks that they are doing. It will take time to see the improvements, but you’ll realize that they’re there soon enough after.

Get Reliable and Up To Date Equipment

Nobody likes working off a device that isn’t fully equipped to help them do their job. Chances are, those who are doing the work that you have set them know more about the project that they are working on than you ever will, and also how to get it completed in quick time – if they have the right tools to do so. Those who are able to set to task with what they need to complete it sitting in front of them are more likely to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner, as well as not getting so stressed about what they have to do in order to do so. Employees who have to take time out of their own personal lives or use their working day to get themselves geared up for what needs to happen are the ones that would be speeding ahead in their work if they had the required programs and equipment; but whose time you are utterly wasting by not providing them the resources that they need. They will leave you before you realize the potential that has been lost.

In Every Job That Must Be Done, There Is An Element Of Fun…

There are so many ways to introduce fun into the workplace that don’t necessarily have to impact on the progress that is being made throughout the office. Putting in a television or a games console for everybody to offload during their lunch break or at the end of the day can be a great way to bring together colleagues who may not have the chance to speak to one another on a personal level during the day and create a sense of bonding throughout the workplace. But be careful – this can easily be abused, and although there should be some flexibility allowed within the office, it’s important to remember that minutes of lunch break that have gone over add up to hours over time. You should never have to be paying out more money than budgeted for to cater for those who are having fun in the office. It’s a fine balance but one that needs to be sorted out and stuck to.

Bring In The Light

Natural light works wonders in offices, but often it’s the case that it can’t be found in most. This is due to the design of the building, or having to share space with another company – there are often cupboards and desks put in front of windows to save on space, which limits the light that is filtering through. This can easily be overcome with additional lighting, but get it too bright and you will be having employees complaining of migraines and headaches, which is no good for anybody. Artificial lighting which gives a natural aura is the one that you need to go for, which can often be found in LED lighting. It can be quite expensive to fit, but it will save you money in the long run – which is a definite bonus.

Comfortable Products Make All The Difference

Think about the chair that you would most like to spend eight hours a day in, solidly. Now compare it with the chair that you sit in in your office. Now compare that chair with the ones that your employees are sat in. If they’re not on the same level of comfort, then there’s something that needs to change. Not only will you be benefiting your employees’ general health, but a lot of mental health conditions can come simply from getting so overly frustrated about where you are sitting and how you are sitting but not being able to do anything about it – some people are too scared to speak out to their boss about how they are feeling. Don’t be that boss. Make it so that your staff don’t have to ask to be comfortable in their own place of work.

Take Criticism, And Welcome It

At the end of the day, you are never going to know exactly what is best to get your team working and ready to tackle the day ahead. Only they know how best to operate their day. Not all offices are the same, but the dynamics within them often are – you just need to know how to manage them with everybody being able to take a piece away that they enjoy. That way, you know that everybody is happy.

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