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Is Your Website Failing At Being User-Friendly?

Is Your Website Failing At Being User-Friendly?


When it comes to our business, a website is now vital for gaining new customers. After all, when they are looking for a service or product online, they need to be able to see your site as an option. That way, they can click onto the site and find out more about your company. But a lot of entrepreneurs make mistakes when it comes to their site. One error which often comes up is that it’s not user-friendly. So it means users are clicking off the site quickly when they struggle with things like the layout and navigation. Therefore, here are some ways to know if your website is failing at being user-friendly.

It can’t be accessed on a number of devices

While a few years ago people just checked out websites on their computers, now it’s most common to look at sites on phones and tablets. A lot of people look through the net while on the way to work, or they click on sites in the evening rather than booting up the computer! Therefore, it’s so important that you make sure your site is responsive across several devices. After all, if a user clicks on your site through their device and they can’t look at the website properly, they are bound to click off. After all, they will get annoyed not being able to read it clearly. Therefore, to ensure you don’t lose users, you need to make sure it’s mobile and tablet friendly. And then you will soon find you are making conversions off these devices.

It has a poor layout

First impressions definitely count when it comes to websites. So if a user is clicking on the site and they see the poor layout, it’s more likely that they will click off the site. After all, they fear they will struggle to maneuver around the site. Therefore, if you do have a poor layout, it’s a good idea to relook at the design. In fact, you might want to hire a web design company like you can see on webfullcircle.com who will work on the layout. They will ensure that not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s easy to understand and maneuver. That way, with your revamped website, users will stay longer, and you could soon be benefiting from making sales!

It’s hard to find information

You might be surprised to know that over 75% of individuals ranked being able to find information easily as one of the most important factors of a website, according to https://www.intechnic.com. Therefore, if your site is not fulfilling this, you might be failing at being user-friendly. The people clicking on your site don’t want to spend ages struggling to find information as there are no tabs or search bars. In fact, they are more than likely to just end up clicking off the site. Therefore, make sure you have all the information they need at the top to help them get to what they are looking for. That way, they will stick around and potentially make a purchase off the site.

And remember to get some feedback from your current users. That way, you can make changes which will benefit them.

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