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Websites: What’ll Be Big in 2018?

Websites: What’ll Be Big in 2018?


A new year is just around the corner, and that means that we need to start looking forward to all the business trends that are going to be huge in 2018. It’s always necessary to keep on looking ahead this way so that you can prepare your company to adapt to any new trends that it needs to follow. After all, staying ahead of the curve like this can also help you stay one step ahead of all of your competitors.

In this blog post, we are going to focus on your company’s website. Trends in the tech and online world are constantly shifting and changing. If you keep up to speed with all of the following then you should be able to future proof your website and its design throughout the whole of 2018.

Go With Irregular Grids

Since the dawn of websites, every designer has known that sticking to grids is the best way to come up with a slick and clean arrangement and design for a site. That will still be the case next year but things are going to change ever so slightly. That’s because irregular grids are going to become very popular. That’s because it can help a website look ultra-contemporary. You’ll find that irregular grids can help your content stand out and catch the eye of web browsers much more effectively.

Prioritize Landing Pages

Landing pages have always been an important part of websites. They are the entryway for your website as they are, very often, the first page on which most visitors land. For this reason, many companies fill their landing pages with SEO keywords so that they feature high up in Google’s search rankings. In 2018, you need to take more attention of your landing pages and use tools like https://unbounce.com/features/wordpress/ to ensure you are getting the most from the WordPress landing page tools. These individual pages are going to come right to the fore next year, so make sure yours are ready to go.

Invest In Good UX Writing

Something else that is going to very much come to the fore of website design in 2018 is UX writing. What is that exactly? Well, the UX just stands for “user experience”, so it basically covers all of the writing that tells visitors what to do, where to click, and anything else they should know. You could say it’s the digital voice of your website. Come next year, this UX writing will be much more important than the website’s design. After all, it’s telling potential customers what you want them to do and how to use your website.

Animate Your Logo

You should already have your company’s logo on your website. But is it animated right now? If not, this is something you should work on ready for next year. In 2018 animated logos are going to be a huge trend. It’s not only your logo that should be animated, though. It’s also worth adding a scrolling animation to your site as well, as these nifty animations persuade people to continue scrolling down through your website right the way to the bottom.

Connect To The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is pretty big right now, and it’s set to shoot up in usage next year. Never heard of this? You can find out about online at sites such as https://forbes.com/sites/jacobmorgan/2014/05/13/simple-explanation-internet-things-that-anyone-can-understand/. Once you’ve got your head around it, it needs to be somehow incorporated into your website. There are currently many developers who are working on connecting IoT items, such as smart meters and smart refrigerators, to websites, so users can use their devices when on certain websites. You’ll find that if you add this feature to your site, you’ll get a lot more traffic to it, that’s for sure!


Lots of companies are starting to add chatbots onto their website, and it’s important that you follow suit. These are AI devices that can chat with your customers who visit your website. They are often used to answer simple questions. Of course, you should also have your regular contact details on your website clearly visible, just in case someone needs to speak to a real human!

If you follow all of the above tips, your company website will really take off in 2018!

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