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3 Excellent Careers For Supporting Families

3 Excellent Careers For Supporting Families


Supporting families is one of the most satisfying career practices you can ever be a part of. There are many roles that could potentially allow you to do this, and can utilize your talents of organization, care, social competence and reliability.

We’d recommend that if you hope to follow in one of these roles, consider the following. This is because the roles listed here have a wide array of specialist potential, and also a good amount of overlap for the skillset you might choose to apply.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Becoming a family nurse can be an excellent career path to go down. This means specialising in the life of a certain group of individuals, often those who are more affluent and able to afford this type of treatment. However, many government subsidy programs exist to potentially gift you the opportunity to work with less advantaged and privileged individuals, and often here is where the most rewarding work lies.

We’d recommend first specialising in nursing, and then studying a Doctor of Nursing Practice Family Nurse Practitioner qualification in order to begin this role. Over the years you will learn some valuable insight into the inner workings of families, and help many of them tackle health issues and situations in need of patient care.


Midwives are the most valuable people when it comes to ensuring the health of an infant baby and the mother who has brought them into the world. This is a vulnerable and sensitive time for all involved, and so being that impartial voice of care and reason can do wonders for people, especially those experiencing this for the first time. A midwife can teach, suggest practices that are the most directed to family health, be that constant voice of encouragement and support and unfortunately, be the one to report problems to authorities when all else fails. A midwife is akin to a caring soldier, allowing a child to gain the best start in life with a health and care as their forefront priorities. There’s almost nothing nobler in careers concerned with childcare.

Postnatal Therapist

Postnatal depression is real, and it can be devastating. A postnatal therapist is a very specific form of therapy worker, someone intensely trained in the realities and requirements of someone experience this horrific, irrational and painful time. With the ability to relate to the mother, bring her out of her shell and gift her habits of relating to herself and those around her with love, she can slowly lift herself out of the rut and resume engaging with motherhood in the way she most wants and deserves to be. This role requires some real care, some real diligence on the part of the therapist and absolute emotional reliability, but when things go right, it can be one of the most satisfying and beautiful things to be a part of. Looking after people in their most vulnerable states comes with varied daily challenges, but doing so can truly make a large difference in the lives of a mother, child and family unit.

With these careers, you have the chance to find real engaging and affecting work. If you do decide down these paths, we wish you nothing but the best of luck.


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