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Amazing Careers For Those Who Just Want To Help

Amazing Careers For Those Who Just Want To Help


We meet a variety of people in our lives who influence everything that we do. From a young age, we are asked what we would like to be when we grow up, and you are usually influenced by the people you have around you in your life. If you are living in a family of nurses and doctors, it makes sense that one day you would like to work in that field, as you know exactly how much work goes into looking after other people.

Being motivated to help other people is a vocation more than it is a career, but there is always a place for people who want to earn money by helping other people. It’s admirable to want to put yourself in a role that isn’t just about you – mainly because roles that care are underpaid and often understaffed because of it. You’ll spend an incredible 90,000 hours at work in your entire life, so to thrive on helping other people for that amount of your time is big-hearted! There are plenty of careers out there that could suit someone empathetic, caring and patient, and we’ve got a few of those listed for you here:

Social Worker. Connecting people who are living in difficult situations is never easy, and being a support and a help for families often comes with a stigma. However, social workers are an absolute necessity in a world where children and families who are vulnerable need support. Check out this career profile to see what it would take for you to become a social worker.

Nurse. One of the careers that is often credited as thankless, nursing is rewarding in so many ways. You are helping people heal and that is the truth whether you work in a large hospital or in senior home care. Nursing does require a degree and you can look at the many nursing routes you could take here.

Teacher. Teaching is one of the most popular vocations, and it’s not just about standing in front of a group of children and reciting the ABCs. Teaching often includes pathways like special educational needs, learning support and examinations guidance. Choosing your particular path won’t necessarily be easy, but as it’s a vocation you may well have an idea of where you want to go with it.

Physical Therapist. Aside from heading to medical school and becoming a surgeon or a general practitioner. There are options for you to work with people after an injury as a physical therapist. Using massage and manipulation, you can bring people back to their optimum health, and all with your know-how and hands.

Child Psychologist. Not an easy pathway to go down, but helping children of all ages out of trauma is worth the work it takes to get there. Being a support and a help for the youngest among us isn’t easy or always fun, but the rewards far outweigh that!

Choosing a career that centers around people is not just satisfying, it’s knowing you are giving back to those who need you the most. If you are able to feel for other people while earning money for doing it, you’re on the brink of total job satisfaction.


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