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Awesome Ways to Make Money from Home

Awesome Ways to Make Money from Home


Making money from home is a dream of many women. Whether you are struggling to find work around childcare or looking for a little extra income to supplement your salary, working from home can seem like the perfect answer. While it’s not always easy fitting work around your family commitments and it can be tough to stay motivated with all of the distractions of your everyday life, making money from home is possible and can be the answer to all of your problems. Here are some awesome ways you could start to make money from home today.


Blogging is a great way to make money from home. It takes a lot of hard work and time, as you need to work on the design, content, marketing, and networking aspects to make it truly successful. But, when it pays off it gives you an incredible sense of satisfaction. Your blog is your little slice of the internet, use it to write whatever you want. Blogs with a firm niche tend to do better short term, but you really can write what you want. Some ways to make money from your blog include:

  •    Advertising
  •    Affiliate marketing
  •    Working with brands
  •    Writing reviews
  •    Hosting content
  •    A members only area


When it comes to selling online, there are few options. For fast, easy money, you could have a clear out and sell your unwanted stuff on eBay. It’s not a long-term plan but can earn well straight away. You could make your own crafts or jewelry and sell them on Etsy, or if you have a product you think could do well or a service you feel people would be willing to pay for, you could even start up your own e-commerce store. Read an ecommerce guide to find out more, but if you’ve got a great product or range, this could quickly turn into a very profitable business.


If you’re particularly skilled at something, you could teach. This could be a school subject, art, a musical instrument or consulting for businesses. Parents are often willing to a pay a tutor to help their children and businesses are happy to pay a consultant to help them to avoid costlier mistakes down the line. Tutoring is a great option as you can set your own hours and only take the work that you want to.


Like tutoring, there are many options with freelancing, and if you’ve got a skill, you may be able to sell it. Some fantastic options include writing, web-design, graphic design, and photography. Have a look at some freelancer sites to see what’s in demand, or write a list of your skills and ask yourself if you think anyone would pay for them.

Making money from home is just like any other business. To do well, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort needed. Especially if you are looking at starting your own business. However, when you do, the rewards and the sense of achievement are enormous and make it well worth it.

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