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Blogging As A Career: What Are Your Options?

Blogging As A Career: What Are Your Options?


As a blogger, it’s highly likely that you started out as doing it just for fun. You probably read a lot of other blogs and thought ‘I can do this too’. So, you set up a blog and started writing about the things you love most in life. But, you often get to a point where you feel like it could be more. If you really love what you’re doing, and you’re good at it, then why couldn’t you turn blogging into a career? If the only thing stopping you is knowing how – don’t sweat it. That’s easy to cover off. If you’re serious about blogging for a career, here’s how you could do it.

Monetize Your Blog

First of all, you could think about turning your blog into a money making business. Because yes, there are ways that you can legitimately make a lot of money on your blog. Regardless of the niche that you write about, you can earn money on the content that you’re creating, and by talking about the items that you always talk about. So, look into ways that you can monetize your blog. After doing some research, you can then work with the ways that will suit your blog best.

Become A Blogging Resource

Another idea could be to become a blogging resource for other bloggers. It may sound crazy, but there are always people out there who want to learn how to start blogging or other bloggers that want to learn how to improve. So, if you’ve got the tools to keep yourself organized and know how to talk about blogging as a business, you could make this your career. Alongside your regular niche or instead of it, you can become a blogging resource and make money that way.

Talk About Your Experience

But there’s more to a career in blogging that sitting behind a computer and sharing content. In fact, as a blogger, your career can take you traveling, to events, and even conferences. Sometimes, you will even speak about your business and get paid for it. So be sure to research how this can work for you, and what you need to make it happen. Yes, you’ll need speaking experience, a reliable laptop, probably a proctor and projector lamp replacement just in case, but you can work your way up to that. But blogging can definitely open up opportunities like hosting talks, or running events if that’s the direction you want to head in.

Work With Businesses

Then you’ve also got the option to work with businesses and blogging. If you’re great at writing copy and creating content, you may find that businesses would hire you to do it for them. You may even want to become a consultant to help businesses set up and run their own blog. You could definitely be looking at making a lot of money this way.

Become An Influencer

Finally, you may also want to consider becoming a digital influencer. Now, if you’re already a blogger, you probably already promote your content on social media. If you find that you have an engaged audience and it is growing quickly, you’ve definitely got digital influence. So why not make money from it? Invest in the high quality camera and do what you can to earn money for your blog by becoming an influencer.

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