Home Career Bored Of Your Teaching Career? Try Some Of These Niche Alternatives
Bored Of Your Teaching Career? Try Some Of These Niche Alternatives

Bored Of Your Teaching Career? Try Some Of These Niche Alternatives


Becoming a teacher often takes around four years depending on where you might live in the world. However, even with the best motives and intentions, lots of people feel dissatisfied with their jobs after only a short time. That is because teaching is more about controlling kids and teaching them to behave rather than educating them these days. That is the case in most modern high schools, and so it makes sense that you would want to try something different. After spending so much time at university, you won’t want to get another degree. So, anyone in that position should look for jobs in which they can make use of their current skills and expertise.

Move into special education

Some people like the idea of teaching, but they dislike the students they have to see every day. In that instance, it might make sense to look for a better role within the industry. Many private schools expect high standards of behavior from their students. Working in one of those places could mean you get to focus on the education side of things a little more than you do at the moment. There are also lots of special schools for children with disabilities all around the country. If you don’t know what a special education teacher does at the moment, you just need to conduct some online research. In many situations, people who opt for that career path will earn more than those working in regular schools. So, there are lots of benefits to consider.

Become a public speaker

Standing at the front of classrooms and educating children means you have excellent public speaking skills that other business owners require. There are lots of companies that host conferences, and you could apply for many different roles. You could even become self-employed and spend your time presenting motivational speeches to teaching students or something similar. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. Those with a funny bone might think about trying their hand at stand-up comedy. Plenty of teachers do that with impressive results. The most important traits for a successful public speaker include:

  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Knowledge
  • The right attitude

Consider a training role

If you’ve managed to educate kids for the last few years, you could probably handle doing the same thing for adults. There are thousands of training companies in the United States and around the world at the moment that focus on a broad range of different topics. Who knows? Maybe you could attend workplaces and educate marketing teams on the latest techniques and strategies? Perhaps you could provide some advice to up-and-coming customer service personnel on the best ways to deal with argumentative clients? Again, there are lots of different niches, and you just need to identify something that seems interesting and appealing to you.

Think about becoming an author

Teachers tend to have to write lots of content for a variety of different reasons. Lots of people in that profession also have qualifications in English and other key subjects. So, the idea of writing a book and becoming an author might not be as far-fetched as it sounds. You just need to think of a subject or concept for which you have lots of knowledge and opinions. That’s the best way to succeed when it comes to non-fiction, but you’ll have to think outside of the box if you want to tackle the fiction market. It’s much easier to make money by presenting facts in written form rather than becoming a storyteller. So, bear that in mind as you consider all your options this year.

The best things about being an author today include:

  • On-demand publishing means you don’t pay anything to get published
  • Anyone can release a book with ease
  • Distributing the book is simple thanks to expanded distribution options
  • Your book will sell well if you get the marketing side of things right

There should be enough ideas there for all readers to make a start when it comes to identifying the best career move. Of course, teaching roles offer stable income most of the time, and so there is always going to be an element of risk involved in the process. Still, those who put their mind to the task will reach their goals if they refuse to give up. Just take small steps towards the ambition every single day for the best outcome. Eventually, you will find yourself working in a better job that makes you feel content. Good luck with that!

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