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Employment Conundrum: Can You Work Full Time When You Have Kids?

Employment Conundrum: Can You Work Full Time When You Have Kids?


Lots of mothers want to go back to work when their kids start school. However, they all face the same issue, and that related to timing. The problem is that most school days are less than seven hours long. Most job roles will require you to stay in the office for at least eight hours. So, you either have to pay for childcare or think outside of the box. Today, we’re going to highlight just some of the ways in which you could earn full-time wages when you have children. It’s not an impossible goal, and anyone could achieve it if they have the right levels of motivation. However, you’re also going to need some excellent advice, and that’s what you’re getting today.

Seek flexible employment contracts

Some employers are empathetic to women who have children. They understand your desire to get out of the house and earn money. They also know that you can’t stick to a standard routine. So, you just need to find a company that’s willing to offer flexible contracts. Maybe you could work for six hours during the daytime while the kids are at school? You could then make up the two hours you lose each day at the weekend. While you’ll have to pay for childcare, that means you only need a babysitter each Saturday. The rest of the time, you’re free to take your kids to school and pick them up at the end of the day. Just make sure you ask about flexible contracts at your interview to avoid wasting anyone’s time.

Work from home

Most people love the idea of working from home. However, many of them have no clue how to make a start. Freelancing is always a wise move in the beginning. That would help you to build a portfolio and attract business owners. Still, there are many roles in which you can work from home and receive a stable income. You just need to search online to gain some inspiration. Experts from ponbee.com have researched that market thoroughly during the last few months. They discovered there are more work from home jobs available than anybody imagined. That means there are a wealth of opportunities out there if you know where to look.

Take a night job

If all else fails, you can always work at night while your children are asleep. You’ll get home in the morning in time to take them to school. You’ll then hit the hay and wake up in time to pick them up. It’s not ideal because you’re going to feel tired most of the time. However, people who work nights tend to earn a slightly better wage. That is because you agree to perform your duties during unsociable hours. Indeed, some of the best night jobs are listed at wahadventures.com. So, at least there is a silver lining of sorts. Depending on the age of your kids, you might have to ask someone to stay at your house while you’re at work. Still, that isn’t too much of an issue if you have a partner at home.

As you can see from the suggestions on this page, all is not lost. Any mother can work a full-time job and still care for her kids if she’s determined. So, now you just have to assess your options and work out which offers the most benefits for you. Whatever happens, you have our full backing. Many people choose to sit at home while their children are still young. You obviously have more ambition than most.

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