Home Career Got An Eye For Detail? Why A Cleaning Business Might Be Right For You
Got An Eye For Detail? Why A Cleaning Business Might Be Right For You

Got An Eye For Detail? Why A Cleaning Business Might Be Right For You


If you are meticulous and thorough in the job you do, then chances are you have a great eye for detail. You might also find it quite annoying at times that others do not! One of your biggest peeves might be cleanliness and hygiene. So why not show them how it’s done? After all, you can’t be the only professional that finds a lack of attention to detail to be poor service.

When You Might Work

A cleaning business can become a big enterprise quite quickly if you do a good job. Businesses are always looking for a company that goes the extra mile. Most cleaners work overnight or in the evening, so they don’t bother the workforce. Industrial equipment can be quite noisy. But it is the work you do that really requires the people to get out of the way if you want to be thorough.

Getting Started

To get started in this line of work, you need to have the right equipment to hand. You don’t have to buy the big machines new. As a startup, used industrial cleaning equipment, like the items at TotalCleanEquip.com might be a more affordable option. You will need to learn how to use this equipment safely, and you might need to provide training for any other operatives in your company. It’s all about doing a good job!

Taking Care Of The Client

There are, of course, different cleaning requirements for different areas of a workplace, and different items. This means you need to produce a clear set of guidelines within your contracts. Make sure your client is happy with any amendments that need to be made and carry a copy with you as you work your way through their building. It’s always worth checking in with your client each week to see if there is anything more you can do and to confirm they are delighted with your service.

Additional Services

You should also aim to add on services so you can diversify and boost your customer value. Office clearances for relocation might become a specialist area for you. Deep cleans are sometimes required, especially during flu season. Open plan offices need special attention to detail. They are often high-traffic areas and can become quite unpleasant environments for the workforce. Can you offer advice and design strategies to help your client here?

Going Green

Many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Your services can be enormously instrumental here. You might implement ways for your client to recycle more, and then assist with the waste sorting and collection. The cleaning agents you use might contain only natural ingredients, or you might regularly use fewer chemicals to stay green. What other environmentally conscious solutions can you provide for your client?

B2B services like commercial or industrial cleaning should be highly valued. After all, they require a lot of attention to detail and are responsible for keeping the working environment safe and hygienic. Would you consider a cleaning business startup?


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