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On the Path to a Job That Fits for the Lady Boss

On the Path to a Job That Fits for the Lady Boss


If you’re not growing as a person, both personally and professionally, then there’s something you’re not doing right. While growing is an important, positive aspect of our careers, it does mean we run the risk of no longer being fulfilled by the positions that once fulfilled us, and when that happens, we need to start looking at new opportunities. If you think it’s time for you to move on to the next challenge, here are five ways to help you make that new challenge a reality.

Let Passion Guide You

The idea of finding a new job by asking yourself ‘what you love’ is a bit cliche these days, but only because it’s a truism. If you’ve been working in a corporate position for several years, you probably have more opportunities to effortlessly find a new position than you might realize. Having put the time in and made a success of your first career, you can move on to thinking about what you really want to do with your time.

Sidestepping in your Company

Sometimes, it’s not the company that we have issues with: it’s our position. If you like the company you work for, but don’t want to do your role anymore, open a dialogue about sidestepping into another job within the organization. You already know the company inside out, and if you’ve been a reliable employee, then they’ll want to keep you on board. It might be that transitioning into a new role is all it takes to ignite your career once more.

Using your Skills

If you’ve been in a high-pressure job for several years, then you’ll have acquired a whole host of skills that are in demand by other people. Rather than transferring to a similar job, why don’t you use the skills you’ve learned to help others? Life coach courses will give you the tools you need to work with the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. You’ll still be immersed in the industry that you’re a part of, but you’ll be involved in a much different way than before.

New Experiences, New Ideas

Sometimes, it takes a whole new experience for us to realize where we should be headed in life. If you’ve been too wrapped up in a job that you know you want to leave, it might be worth taking a sabbatical and trying something new entirely. Volunteering abroad in an area that interests you is one way to sample a new style of work without the commitment. It might show the right path you, or be the reset button you need to return to your current job.

Be Realistic

You might be in a position where you have plenty of opportunities to get a new job and throw yourself into a new challenge, but it’s important that you stay realistic. You might find that a new job has a whole new set of problems that you didn’t realize from the outside. Take your time, be realistic about your expectations, and you’ll be on the right path to a job that fits.

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