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The Secret to Lady Boss Success

The Secret to Lady Boss Success


In the world of business, it is no longer a prerequisite to being male to be in a position of power. In fact, there are girl bosses crushing it all over the world now. But what is the secret to lady boss success? Read on to find out.


The first thing that you need to do to be a successful boss lady is lead from the front. If you want your employees to work long hours, make sure that you are willing to do the same, and that they see you do it regularly.

The same goes for all the expectations that you put on them. You can’t ask for a perfect report if your own correspondence is sloppy for full of mistakes. Just like you can’t ask them to be tactful in negotiations if you are known for being aggressive and going in for the kill.

Be the change that you want to see, and hopefully, this inspiration will trickle down to the rest of your company improving it along the way.

Identify needs and strengths

One of the most important skills you can have as the big boss lady is to be able to see where there is a need in your company and be able to fill that need quickly and effectively.

It may be that you have seemed great concepts, but you need to employ someone that can turn this idea into practical realities. Or that you desperately need someone to take on responsibility for customer service or payment of your workforce.

If this is the case, then it can often be helpful, once you have identified the need, to approach a specialist recruitment company like Portfolio Payroll. As specialist companies can fill specialized positions a lot easier, as they are constantly drawing their pool of recruit from established professionals in that market.

Make the tough calls

Something else that you need to be able to do to be a successful boss lady is making the tough decisions. That means firing, as well as hiring!

Of course, no one like having to give people the boot, but a bad apple in the bunch can do more than ruffle a few feathers in the office.

In fact, having certain people that aren’t pulling their weight or can’t get along with others can lead to a very toxic work environment. Which at best is de-motivating for everyone else, and at worst can cause other valued to staff to leave. Something that you definitely do not want.

Be involved

Lastly, it’s pretty important to be involved to be a successful girl boss. It’s all very well sitting in your office with the door closed. But how much are your really going to find out about things doing that?

You need to be able to access each part of your business and monitor its progress both through metrics and by being able to have honest and constructive conversations with your employees.

Of course, you will have to watch out for those folks that prefer to moan, than come up with a solution. As they can be a real drain on the time and energy better spent crushing it as the boss lady.



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