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Tips on Writing an Essay on Career Goals

Tips on Writing an Essay on Career Goals


Planning for the future can be a difficult task, primarily if you’re working on your career and life goals. It’s easy to write about any topic, however when it is about your own life, remaining objective and not having a bias in your favor is pivotal to ensuring that your plans will work out.

In many cases, people develop a personal bias about their abilities which might not accurately reflect their ability to achieve those goals. It is why writing an essay on career goals can help.

Not only is it proven that if you write things down, you’ll be more likely to achieve the goals…it also paints a more precise picture in your mind and provides you with a path to manifest your goals.

Additionally, being specific about your goals also can be problematic. It’s easy to say, “I want to have a high paying manager position” however, you don’t answer critical questions with that statement. Where would you like to work? How long do you expect to take to reach your goals? What will you be doing to ensure that you’re moving towards achieving your goals? All of these specific elements help solidify the vision you are creating.

Today we’ll be working on how to draft up your essay on career goals properly.

The Structure

As with any essay, there will be an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction essentially lines out the ‘general goals’ you wish to achieve.

Within the body of the essay, you’ll be expanding on those premises and providing more critical insight on how you will achieve it, your timeline and so forth.

Finally, in conclusion, you’ll be focusing on wrapping it all up. Sounds simple right? Well, it can get a bit trickier. In the next section, we’ll be breaking down the specifics of the structure.


Within the introduction, you’re establishing the central premise of your plan. “I want to achieve X, Y, and Z by the time I’m 35”.

You’ll work on the specific main points you wish to achieve. Let’s say you’re thinking of becoming a general manager of a Fortune 500 company. Do you know which group you’re going to be going for it? Not yet, but in the introduction of the essay…this is non-essential information. You’re only really going to be focusing on establishing the primary goals. This way, the reader knows what to expect and will be prompted to think in a particular way about your essay, your goals, and your timeframe.


In the body of the essay, you’ll be going into detail about the fixed points in the introduction. One method that can help you create in-depth points about each of the goals you wrote about is called “The Six Whiskeys and the Hotel.”

They are:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

What thereafter

Mostly, for each point, you’ll want to break it down by answering these questions. Let’s use the previous example of “being a general manager of a Fortune 500 company”:

WHO: Which company are you targeting? Are you aiming more than one?

WHAT: What will you be doing to a) get into the company and b) climb the corporate ladder

WHEN: Establish the timeframe from the moment you hire to the moment you achieve your goal. You can also break this down into smaller snippets of time to create actionable steps to reach your goal.

WHY: What’s the motivation behind this goal? If it’s pure ‘money,’ odds are you won’t achieve your goal. You need to align your passions with your reason for ‘doing’ to motivate you on the path.

HOW: Talk about specific things you’ll be doing. For instance, taking extra leadership courses, always being on time and so forth.

WHAT after that: It’s not in your best interests to only establish the goal and reach it…what happens after you achieved your goal? It is called “continuous improvement” and is critical for you to overshoot your targets to make them all.


Now that you’ve gone through all of your goals and applied the “Six Whiskeys and the Hotel,” it’s time to summarize it all. Wrap up the content to conclude your main objectives once more. Reiterate some of the points you’ll be doing to achieve those goals.


It does not do yet!  Once you have finished your essay, let it sit for a few days. Then have someone read it over and provide some feedback. Read it yourself once more and make any changes you deem necessary. Remember, the idea of a career goals essay is to create clarity. By following the steps mentioned above, you’re definitely on your way to doing just that. A career essay can help you provide structure, actionable levels and a general vision you wish to achieve for your own life. Thus, taking your time in perfecting it is crucial.

SOURCE: Guidelines mentioned above are provided by a professional writer from DoMyEssay.net essay writing service.

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