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Vocation and Vacation: Mixing Work With Your Love Of Travel

Vocation and Vacation: Mixing Work With Your Love Of Travel


If you are somebody who loves traveling, or you wish you could spend more time in other countries but never have the opportunity because of work, then it makes sense to think about a career change. You can make money from travel, mixing business with pleasure as you get out and see the world. It’s not as easy as just getting on the plane and jetting off somewhere, so be sure to read our travel checklist before you decide on your next move. Then have a look at our ideas below, which could make you a profitable income.

Travel Blogger

Blogging is something many people do for fun, but there are ways to make an income from it. This is through affiliate programs, advertising tools such as AdSense, and sponsorship. You can also get free stuff from companies who want you to promote a particular product. You do need to build up a large number of followers, as they will be the ones clicking on the ads to make you money, and they may also be willing to sponsor you. Travel blogs are online journals where you can talk about every aspect of your adventure, from cultural foods to places of interest. If you have a way with words, this could be a great opportunity.

Freelance Travel Writer

Similar to blogging, but you are selling your articles to other blogs, websites, magazines, etc. If you have a portfolio to show off your skills, the publishers may foot the bill for your travel expenses as well, saving you a ton of money. As a freelancer, you will be required to give advice to readers. For example, you might be asked to compare accommodation, from top quality hotels such as the Best Western Premier Energy Corridor, to dingy hell holes people should try to avoid. It’s not easy being a freelancer, and unlike blogging, you will have to adhere to the requests of the publisher in what you write. However, you are seeing the world, so enjoy the work while you can.

Language Teacher

Not only will you need to be a master of your own language, but you will also need to know the lingo of the country you are working in. There is some great advice on this site as to how you can become a language teacher abroad, including the benefits of such a position, and how to become qualified. You can teach children or adults, and if you are fluent in other languages, you will have more to offer those willing to learn.

Travel Vlogger

Similar to blogging, but this is an avenue that is becoming increasingly popular due to sites such as YouTube. You will be competing with other vloggers, but if you have the ability to speak on camera, and have something interesting to say, you could attract a massive audience. Again, you can make money from advertising, or promote specific products for other companies. The advantage of vlogging, rather than blogging, is that viewers will have a better opportunity to view the country you are visiting, giving them a better taste of what to expect should they decide to travel to the same destination.

Thanks for reading, and happy travels!

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