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Don’t Be Afraid to Let Your Body Be Its Age

Don’t Be Afraid to Let Your Body Be Its Age


Your body is precious: You get only one, and you need to take care of it for your entire life. As bodies come with no manufacturer’s warranty – in case, you haven’t noticed it yet –, if they break, you can’t get a replacement one. In other words, it is crucial to look after your health – physical and mental – at every stage of your life. Indeed, there can be no long life without a healthy body and mind. However, as much as everybody wants to be healthy, more and more people are making the mistake of not listening to their body. In fact, it’s becoming such a social phenomenon that Millennials are now famous for not behaving their age. Not that they pretend to be kids so that parents take care of everything for them. In reality, it’s the opposite situation. Most Millennials seem to develop the wrong generational habits for their body. Unfortunately, when you begin to treat your body like the body of an old person, it gradually loses its physical and mental functions. So here’s to let your body behave its age once and for all, and to give it all the respect and care a millennial body deserves.

The silver trend for Millennials

The long battle between blondes and brunettes has finally come to an end with the apparition of new hair trends: The granny hair color is a hit among the young generations. In fact, everybody before 35 can easily embrace the silver hair trend without fearing to make themselves look older. Silver hair and a youthful face is a match made in fashion heaven! For mature hair, the natural gray style is also a winner, but it’s a story for another day. If you’re worried about going full-on silver, you can start with a subtle ombre flair, which allows you to keep your natural hair color on at least half of your hair length. Or you can rely on a retro blend of blue, purple and gray hues for a stylish effect that will not make you look like your own grandmother. Dyeing your hair gray, if it’s done professionally doesn’t represent any risk to the health of your hair follicles. As hair dye is not new, you can expect your hair to react in the same manner to a silver dye than it would to a blonde or red dye. The silver trend is a hit for Millennials, so there’s nothing stopping from looking stylish in gray. Where a lot of Millennials go wrong is in the way they look after their silver waves. While you can find a lot of great health shampoo for gray hair in shops, these are designed for natural gray hair that has lost its texture and has become dry and coarse as a result of natural aging. You can’t borrow your grandmother’s shampoo to protect your dyed hair! You need a tube of shampoo that is targeted at colored hair as it will help to revive and maintain the dye. Your gray hair has different requirements to old hair turned gray, so make sure to pick the right product for your needs.

Terrified of wrinkles? Avoid the number one mistake

It’s not uncommon for young women to develop their skin care routine in their early 20s as a way to prevent excessive skin cells aging and to maintain their youthful and firm skin for as long as possible. Practices such as in-depth cleansing and hydrating become daily habits to keep wrinkles at bay. As it happens, looking after your skin is a valuable habit and it’s something that you should start as a young adult to ensure the best results for the longest time. As you undoubtedly know, wrinkles are one of the first signs of ageing. Premature wrinkles often appear as a result of lack of hydration and excessive stress and fatigue. However, it is essential that you provide your skin with the best care products for its needs. Looking online for the best moisturizers for mature skin in an attempt to avoid premature skin aging doesn’t get positive results. According to dermatologists, the skin in your 20s and 30s is too young for anti-aging products. While their use may not cause irreversible health damage; it will not provide your skin with the nutrients it requires to maintain its elasticity and firmness. Millennials need to focus on prevention methods, such as protecting their skin against the UVA and UVB rays and avoiding smoking, if they want to maintain their youthful look for longer.

Give me my beautiful look every day

Most women wear makeup every day, often as a result of peer pressure and the need for social acceptation. It is also not uncommon for many to admit to feeling more confident and beautiful with makeup than they would without. For mature skin, makeup is a great way of hiding the signs of aging cells, from small wrinkles to liver or age spots on the face. These age spots are the result of an excess production of melanin, a skin pigment, and are not dangerous. But as a young woman, there is no need to hide behind your makeup. In fact, if you want to protect your skin from premature aging, you may want to let your skin breathe from time to time without obstructing pores with a concealer or contour powder. Additionally, introducing a weekly habit of not wearing makeup for a day can help others and yourself to appreciate your natural beauty. A beautiful face is not a matter of makeup but of looking after yourself and adopting healthy habits. Start by drinking more water and eating foods with natural antioxidants – blueberries, pomegranates, green tea, spinach, etc. – to look fresh and youthful every day. Getting enough sleep also helps your skin to rejuvenate and repairs itself, so that you can get up looking your best in the morning. Stress is also a significant cause of skin conditions, from wrinkles to acne outbreaks. The best way to maintain a clean face is to exercise regularly to relieve tensions and keep a healthy blood flow.

Forget the magic metabolism booster

More and more Millennials look online for a chemical fat burner or a metabolism booster that they could pop at every meal to promote effortless and effective weight loss. In fact, a lot of young American continue to search for the perfect get-thin pill that could solve all their problems in an instant. As your metabolism refers to the chemical processes involved in the conversion of food into energy, a chemical support that could help to burn more energy seems like a logical solution. However, people ignore the fact that the metabolism is naturally limited by a variety of factors, from your genes, your age, your gender and the amount of fat and muscles in your body. In short, your metabolism can only increase by so much. While there are natural boosters such as caffeine and following a healthy diet that supports bodily functions, experts agree that chemical boosters don’t work. In fact, they tend to have a negative impact on the metabolism. While an excessive consumption can lead to death, a moderate intake can slow down your metabolism. Young bodies have a high metabolism naturally, especially if you decide to follow a fitness program to improve your results. Slimming pills risk chemically aging your metabolism and slowing down your bodily functions, causing health issues that healthy young people wouldn’t normally encounter. In other words, it doesn’t pay off to look for an easy solution. The traditional combination of healthy eating habits and exercise remains the best solution to boost your metabolism.

What about the little gray cells?

Agatha Christie, the queen of crime, had her most famous character, the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot refers to his cognitive abilities as the little gray cells. The renewal of smart fictional characters, such as the latest Sherlock TV shows and the Big Bang Theory, has made thinking the new sexy feature in people. It would all be perfect if the world were a thinking place. However, most recent IQ studies over the planet have shown a different reality: The global Intellectual Quotient has been dropping over the past decades. In Britain, for example, what 25% of 14-year-old teenagers could do in 1994, only 5% can do now. The results are constant across the planet. To put it simply, the world is going dumber. For many, it’s the result of a Millennials habit to rely on technology more than on thinking capacities. Young adults read less – when was the last time you opened a book? –, think less – We’ve all got an app “for that” – and ultimately don’t use their gray cells as much as previous generations did. As you don’t use your brain, your cognitive abilities decrease, and you lose memory functions, deduction abilities and simple calculating and reasoning skills. If you don’t exercise your brain, your cognitive capacities will shrink as they do for seniors. Use that young brain of yours before it’s too late!

In short, you need to look after your body now to ensure that it behaves its age. From your hair to your brain, behaving your age is the secret of good health!

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