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4 Unreal Countries To Own Property In

4 Unreal Countries To Own Property In


Traveling is fantastic but even avid globetrotters get bored. When the novelty wears off, there is nothing like settling down at home and recharging the batteries. Unfortunately, your home may be thousands of miles and a very costly airline ticket away. What to do, what to do? Frankly, you wouldn’t have this problem if you owned a holiday home. Like a regular house, it has all the amenities to make life cozy and comfy. The question is: where should you buy one and why? Here are a few answers which may be useful.

#1: Thailand

Owning a home on an idyllic island is something most people have wanted since watching Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton frolic on a beach. Well, Thailand is home to world-famous islands and beaches. Even better, the price is meager compared to the US and the rest of the world. In Pattaya, a one-bedroom flat can cost less $60,000, whereas a house is only an extra $15,000 more expensive. The excellent thing about Thailand is the cost of living – it’s dirt cheap. So, the money you save on a property will go a lot further in Southeast Asia. Just watch out for the “no foreigner can own land” rule.

Edinburgh, Scotland

#2: United Kingdom

Not only is the UK expensive, but Brexit means the real estate market is uncertain. However, the latter is exactly the reason why Britain is a property hotspot. Yes, tariffs could make house and land sales more expensive in the future. However, with the way the negotiations are going at the moment, harsh penalties aren’t likely. The UK government wants to attract business from abroad, which means the red tape shouldn’t be as thick. London may be a bubble yet places like the Lake and Peak Districts and Scotland could be ideal places to buy.

Charleston, South Carolina

#3: United States

Why would a US resident want to buy a holiday home in America? Well, for one thing, staycationing is becoming more popular! All jokes aside, the US is a huge country with lots of potential real estate investments waiting to get snapped up. New York, L.A and Chicago are out of bounds, but Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina are candidates. This website not only has examples but can guide you through the process. Remember the impact of the Trump administration, also. His stance on mining means mining companies will pay to gain access to the coal.

Tallinn, Estonia

#4: Estonia

Tallinn is a European outlier. Formally part of the EU, the prices in Estonia’s capital are still under $150,000. Compared to the rest of the continent, that is dirt cheap. The even better news is that Estonia is bound to benefit from being a part of the Block. Everything will begin to increase, including property prices, which will increase the ROI. Also, don’t forget that Eastern Europe is a beautiful place with lots of culture. Just try and visit in the summer!

As far as holiday homes go, the countries above are some of the savviest places to invest.

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