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Learning to Appreciate Living Alone

Learning to Appreciate Living Alone


Let’s not beat around the bush; most of us dream of living with a partner. We’re social creatures, not meant for isolation or private nests. This is less about gender norms and more about human nature.

But, those romantic dreams don’t always pay off. Perhaps it’s not practical for you and your partner to live together, or maybe you’re a single pringle. Whatever the reason, many women face living alone at some point.

It’s daunting. But, it can also be liberating if you do it right. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, it might be time to realize the good things you’ve got going. If you approach this in the right way, living alone could be the best thing you’ve ever done. Here are some pointers to set you towards single living bliss.

You don’t need a man to do DIY

Yes, we said this wasn’t about gender norms. But, they’re going to crop up from time to time. There’s no getting around the fact that men and women have different roles in the home, even in 2017. But, living alone is the perfect time to break those boundaries.

Most obviously, men usually take on DIY jobs. Often, though, this is less to do with women being incapable, and more to do with men loving their toolkits. With that in mind, nothing’s holding you back from getting stuck in. For the most part, jobs like these don’t even involve any heavy lifting. It’s all about having the know-how.

To make jobs easier, you just need to do your research. If you’re fitting a floor, find out about which wood floor adhesive would make the job easier. If you’re building a shelf, find out about the right drills and screws. Before you know it, you’ll be doing it yourself without even thinking about it.

Learn to appreciate your company

In all honesty, there will come times when you feel lonely. As mentioned above, we’re not exactly designed to live alone. But, you can turn that on its head. Learning how to appreciate your own company will take a huge way towards being happy with your living situation.

It’ll feel strange at first, but make a conscious effort to spend time with yourself. Turn the television off, and focus on something such as reading, or meditation. Before you know it, you’ll come to love the peace of your little home sanctuary.

Remember the plus points

If you ever feel the green-eyed monster towards cohabiting friends, remember the plus points of living alone. Believe it or not, there are a lot of them. In fact, if it came down to pros and cons list, living alone would probably win out. As proof, we’ve put together a little pro list to end this thing.

  • You can do what you want, when you want to
  • You get free reign of decoration
  • More wardrobe space
  • You can starfish in bed
  • You can watch what you want on television
  • Your mood doesn’t depend on anyone but you

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