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Life Goals: Why They Matter

Life Goals: Why They Matter


Every single person on the planet is born as a blank canvas. We don’t form opinions, we don’t form judgements and we don’t have a thought of our own without the influence of the family that we are born into. Growing up, we each form our own thoughts and goals for a life that we want. We put everything into neat little boxes and compartmentalize the things we want. Love. Money. Career. Health. Each of these elements help us to have something to aim for, and without an aim life can seem a little directionless – a little boring.

Goals are what we have to take us forward. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to run a marathon, complete a triathlon or climb a mountain. As long as you have a goal ahead of you, you can feel like you matter. Imagine being handed a bow and arrow and being asked to shoot. If you didn’t have a target, where would you aim? You could shoot aimlessly and hit whatever is nearest, but what would be the point? This is a very basic and very literal way to get you to think about what your life would be like without goals. It doesn’t make sense, it’s a waste of energy and you have nothing to give you a feeling of hope or achievement. As humans, we thrive on praise and hitting the right notes. Goals give you a way to decide what you want to do with your life and there’s no use in having bags of potential to do something amazing if you’re not going to aim that potential somewhere constructive.

Having a sense of direction can make a huge difference. There are some conditions, such as depression and anxiety, that can make you feel hopeless – like there’s nothing to live for. These create an imbalance in the brain to cloud any goals you could have and take away the control you have over the things that you aim for. By having set goals for yourself, you give yourself the ability to measure your own progress, judge your own failures and achievements and strive to be better in your life. We listed some of the common areas that people place goals into, to give them something to ‘tick off’ during the course of their existence. We’re going to take you through those, and show you the types of goals you could have for each one and why each is so important.


Finding someone to spend life with isn’t just about fluffy, lovey-dovey romance. It’s about goal setting and achieving that goal. You cannot ever overestimate the impact that finding someone to love could have on your life. You can watch all the movies on love that you like, but they won’t always give you the right picture of what love could do for your life. Having a goal of finding someone to spend your life with means proactively looking for someone to love. Waiting around for love to happen could mean you are leaving yourself open to spend your life alone. The more that you believe you have some power over your own future, the more you can achieve finding love. Being proactive and finding someone who has the same ideals, opinions and tastes as you, takes some time. Love is something we all want to find – humans were not destined to be alone for the whole of our lives. Once you find someone to love, holding onto it and nurturing that love is going to change your life for the better. Someone to love can also inspire you to achieve other life goals that could be ahead.


There are some who have a goal to have a family, which means getting healthy and fit to be able to be in the optimum shape for conception. There are many people who have the ability to create a child easily, but there are also those who require extra help to get there. Thankfully, science and medicine have progressed enough to give the best help possible to those needing assistance with conception. Women put goals on themselves to get to the healthiest weight possible, to have the right balance of diet and exercise to ensure that they can give themselves the best chance of conception. Healthy eating and exercise before a pregnancy, during a pregnancy and after a pregnancy with www.MomsintoFitness.com give her something to aim for. Once the goal of getting healthy enough to carry a pregnancy has been achieved, the next goal is creating that much-wanted child. Once creating a family is achieved, new goals are made to renew health and be in the best shape possible to raise the children and chase after them.


Career goals start at such a young age. From the moment we head into school, we are asked what we would like to be when we grow up. We base most of our studying decisions on the subjects we take and even though our career goals often change when we hit adulthood, we still spend most of our lives thinking about what we want to do in the future. It’s important to know what you want to do, as a career goal is going to determine the type of lifestyle you have in the future. Once you decide what you want to do with your life, you can look for courses and college degrees that match your interests. Your goals should always come with an action plan, and your plan should be achievable for you.


No one expects to fall ill. We, as people, are fairly naïve about our health and we rely on youth, good luck and vegetables to get us through. The thing is, if we are not vigilant about our health and have goals for our fitness and diet, we can easily let go. Adverts for fast food, sugary drinks and alcohol are all in our faces every single day. We have to make conscious decisions to eat well and exercise regularly so that we can prevent illnesses popping up. Of course, you could be in the best shape of your life and still develop an illness like cancer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your health. Set yourself fitness goals to stay within a healthy weight. Push your own boundaries and endurance and set yourself challenges like mountain climbing and marathon training. Don’t be afraid to push your own limits for your health. Keeping yourself healthy with the right balance of diet and exercise is the best way to ensure that your health goals stay on track to the best of your ability.


Tying this in with career, one of the biggest goals in life for people is achieving wealth enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. This doesn’t always mean to be able to buy multiple houses and live a life as a millionaire. For most people, living comfortably means being able to pay the rent, the bills and eat without worry. It means being able to afford to see friends on a regular enough basis to enjoy a healthy social life. It means not having to count the pennies at the end of each month and worry how you will manage to put food on the table. This goal ties directly in with your motivation to have a good job that pays you well. If you have strong goals with education and career, then wealth is somewhat easier to come by. You can manage your money with a clever understanding of finance, but before you get there you have to set goals that include staying debt-free, making good savings decisions and climbing the company ladder to continue your road to good wealth.

Setting goals gives you mental boundaries that you can plan, prepare for and attain easily. They can keep you focused, motivated and ready to conquer anything. Motivation is the key to life and having life goals keeps you feeling ready for anything. You make yourself accountable for the areas in your life that matter the most. Most people really don’t do well with deadlines and limits, but goals give you a chance to be unlimited in your decisions. The beginning of every piece of inspiration you have ever felt in your life started with something to aim for. Once you have that, you can give yourself something concrete to achieve. Taking control of your life is vital for the best results in your own happiness. If setting yourself a goal means giving yourself something to aim for, then it’s time to sit down and make a list of the things you want that are most important to you.

Once you achieve each of those life goals, you can feel accomplished, happy and on top of the world. Your life and emotions are directly influenced by the motivation and achievements that you have in life, and it is up to you to set and achieve them to the best of your ability.

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