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Transforming Your Home For Your Christmas Guests

Transforming Your Home For Your Christmas Guests


There’s nothing better than spending Christmas with the ones you love around you, and when it’s your turn to host Christmas it’s understandable that you want your home looking it’s best so that your guests feel as comfortable as possible. Here’s another article on the blog about how to get your home super guest friendly, but this article is going to concentrate on the Christmassy details for you.


It’s safe to say that decorations are one of the most magical parts of Christmas. There’s something really special about cozying up in your living room and watching the fairy lights sparkle on your tree. This year, why not buy all new decorations and add a few more pieces that normal so that your home is super festive?

You can now get your hands on pre-lit Christmas trees, ornaments for shelves, and even candles that give off the scent of Christmas. Head to your local homeware store and take a browse, you won’t be disappointed!


The one thing that’s really important when having guests over is to make sure that everybody is warm enough. Make sure to bleed your radiators and have your boiler checked to make sure that everything is in working order. A great addition that’s easily achieved is to add underfloor heating. This is especially useful for cold kitchen floors, so consider adding it to your home to not only benefit your guests, but also you in the long run too. Heatline provide all of the products you will need for the job at hand, so look into it!

The Guest Room

As you may have read in our other article about how to keep your guests happy, here are a few other ideas so that you can make their stay as nice as possible:

  • Dressing gowns and slippers so they can relax around your home.
  • Fresh bedding – even if no one has slept in it recently, it can begin to smell stale so freshen the bedding up for a more enjoyable sleep.
  • Dust and hoover. Even if the room hasn’t been used in a while it will have accrued some dirt, so get it nice and clean for them.
  • A useable TV is always a nice touch so that your guests can relax in their room whenever they please.
  • Make sure you put in extra blankets so that if your guests find themselves a little cold, they can cover up and keep warm


Finally, decorating the outside of your home should be something you’re considering too. This will give your home a much bigger curb appeal and make it look more welcoming to your guests. Plus, it all adds to the festive spirit!

Consider these ideas this Christmas when it comes to having guests over and you will be sure to be a top notch host. Don’t forget touches like breakfast in bed and plenty of hot cocoa!



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