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The Tricks To Be Healthier And Happier With Every Passing Year

The Tricks To Be Healthier And Happier With Every Passing Year


A lot of us can start to feel that, as we get older, the days of looking great are long behind us. This isn’t the case at all, but the trick to aging gracefully is all about feeling healthier and happier as every year passes. There are some simple tricks to do this, so let’s get to it!

Change Your Posture

Feeling powerful and confident is all about how we present ourselves to the world, and sometimes we can feel like retreating into our comfort zone a little bit, but you should stand tall and stand proud. Fixing your posture is an excellent way to do this. There are some simple methods to implement, putting your shoulders back as you walk so you’re walking with authority, putting some shoe insoles in your heels will make you feel more comfortable as you walk. But also, if you’ve got poor posture as a result of sitting in an office chair for so many years, hit the yoga class! It’s never too late to fix your posture. And the taller you feel, the better you will feel, and younger you will feel.

Hit The Gym

We need endorphins to make us feel happier, so get on that treadmill, get some resistance bands at home, or just go for a run. You don’t need to run a marathon every day, but the trick to feeling happier and healthier is about doing a little bit more exercise as you get used to it, which will increase your strength, your aerobic capacity, and your fitness overall.

Eat Your Chicken Soup!

Have you heard anything about collagen? It’s the trick to increasing that elasticity in your face, which reduces wrinkles. The great thing about this is that you can get it from chicken soup! Not that store bought stuff, you’ve got to make your own, with the bones. If you’ve heard about bone broth, this is full of antioxidants and minerals, including that all-important collagen.

Do A Sudoku Puzzle

As we get older, that we don’t use our brains as much, and if you have concerns about Alzheimer’s or any cognitive decline, it’s all about using your brain. So make sure, much like you exercise your body, that you exercise your mind. Do something that challenges you. And if you don’t like Sudoku, learn an instrument, pick up that language book you’ve meant to read for so long, but whatever you do, make sure that it’s something that challenges you. This is how your brain develops connections, and gets stronger.

The key to happiness and healthiness is linked: eat well, move enough, and be happy in who you are. It can take some time to get this right, as we all have stresses in our lives, but the fundamentals have never changed. It’s always good to think about what has a negative impact on you as far as your health is concerned, some of us are allergic to wheat or lactose, and it might be a simple change in your diet that may shake up your entire life for the better! Whatever you need, think about what makes you happy first and foremost.

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