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Want to Be Successful? Try Being Single

Want to Be Successful? Try Being Single


Whether it’s your background in business or having wealthy parents that are able to fund your startups, there are many factors that could affect your success. One of the most-talked-about ingredients for success is the idea of being single. On the surface, being single completely changes how you view life, but could those changes be beneficial for running a business? Let’s find out.

No pressure of starting a family

The more things that distract you from your work, the less time you have to work towards your goals. If you have big dreams then it requires a lot of dedication, focus and hard work in order to reach them, and having a family or even a partner can be really distracting. Of course, you could always start a family as a single mother if you visit a fertility clinic, but there are many considerations to keep in mind before taking this route. However, it goes without saying that the fewer commitments you have, the more time you have to focus on things that are more important to you.

Being more social

Some research has suggested that single people are more social and happier due to their freedom and lack of commitment or responsibilities. This often means that you’ll find more networking opportunities and it also means that you’ll be more popular in the workplace. Being more social also increases your confidence and you get used to speaking up. In short, being social is one of the recipes of success and being single promotes this.

More time to yourself

As mentioned in the section about being pressured to start a family, a single person often has fewer commitments to think about. They usually only have to think about themselves or possibly their family members, and this ultimately means that you have more time to yourself. Whether it’s time to work on your business idea, build contacts to network with or even discover new ways to live, having more time for yourself is always a great boon.

Have more fun

It’s been said that single people have more fun in the world because they’re less likely to be bound to something. They don’t need to worry about their family or partner and this often means you’ll love your life and yourself better. Although fun and games don’t really mix with success on the surface, knowing how to party and relax your mind means that you’re more likely to focus on important things in the future because you’ve had some time to procrastinate and unwind.

Final words

Being single comes with many advantages in itself. It’s different and isn’t the norm especially when you consider the number of married people who are successful. But by being single, you have more time to yourself and fewer commitments to worry about, meaning you can focus on building your success and being who you want to be.

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