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What Watching Too Much TV Does To You

What Watching Too Much TV Does To You


We all love a good box set binge every now and again. But it’s smart to admit to yourself that actually, it may not be all that healthy for you. Because although TV is escapism, there are a few reasons for it might be bad for you instead.

It Makes You Lazy

Laying on the couch for six hours straight isn’t good for your motivation levels. Okay, so you have to watch the latest episode of GoT, but it’s also going to keep you from moving around and using your mind. In short, you’re going to get lazy!

It Encourages You To Eat Bad

Have to order a pizza when your favorite weekly show is on? Love to pick up chocolate for a movie marathon? It’s okay every once in awhile, but when you find yourself pigging out every time you watch TV, you’re not doing good by your health levels.

It Leaves You With Unrealistic Expectations

Ever watched your favorite show and thought that character’s all have it easy? Not only are they usually beautiful and smart, with incredible figures and perfect partners, but they seem to have everything they want too. From nice houses and new cars to exciting social lives and what seems like an endless supply of money – it’s enough to make you feel bad. But you need to remember, it’s TV. These people aren’t real. Just to demonstrate that, take a look at what their incomes would be like in real life!

Source: Sunny Infographic

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