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Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into The Colder Months

Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into The Colder Months


Buying new clothes is always a treat, and something that most of us enjoy doing. The only problem is new clothes can be expensive, and even just a few new outfits can set you back hundreds of dollars. When you’re updating your wardrobe every season this can quickly add up, however there are ways you can be smart about it. With a few simple tricks you can make your summer dresses wearable during the autumn and winter.

Choose Simple, Versatile Summer Dresses

During the summer when you’re choosing dresses, go with pieces that are versatile. Classic, non- patterned pieces work well for this as they’re easy to dress up and down, and with the right accessories can be worn later in the year without standing out as a summer dress. If you choose very summery designs to begin with- bright colors, florals and summery patterns then it will be more difficult to make them look appropriate later in the year. Go with neutrals or more muted colors which will work for any time of year. That means you get to enjoy the stylish selection of sundresses in your wardrobe over the warmer months, but don’t have to retire them when the fall comes back around.

Wear a Top Underneath

This won’t work with all styles of dresses, but in some cases putting a long sleeve top underneath your summer dress will change the look of it completely. It could be a thin stretch long sleeve top, a turtleneck jumper or a three quarter length t-shirt. That way it keeps you warm and covers your arms, while still allowing you to wear your dresses through the fall and winter. You could experiment and work out which pieces in your wardrobe you’re able to do this with, creating new outfit ideas.

Team With Leggings or Tights

One of the quickest ways you can make a simple summer dress look appropriate for the colder weather is to team it up with leggings or opaque tights. This will keep you warm and also take the summer-y look of any dress. During the fall when it’s not quite as cold, you might be able to get away with bare legs providing your arms are covered and you have the right footwear on.

Go With Boots and Jackets

Pair your summer dress with a leather jacket for an instantly edgy, season-appropriate look. Along with your black tights and a pair of boots, it will certainly make your dresses look a lot different than they did during the summer. Sturdy boots are good for winter weather too, keeping your feet warm and dry while looking cute with your cold weather outfits. A summer dungaree dress for example could be worn with a long sleeve black top

Choose Season Appropriate Makeup and Accessories

Finally, to make your summer dress look awesome for the autumn and winter, go with season appropriate makeup and accessories, During the colder months, darker lipstick and nails come into fashion, these will vamp up any outfit. Bags and statement jewelry in darker shades like navy, deep purple and khaki green will also work well. You could go with a large shoulder bag or a practical smaller crossbody piece. You could add a chunky necklace or bracelets in a rich color to your outfit. You could add a fedora or other accessory to dress things up in a different way. Makeup and accessories allow you to make your outfits really versatile.

A floaty summer dress with an edgy leather jacket, tights, boots and a swipe of red lipstick will certainly give you an autumn- winter aesthetic. It means you get to keep and wear all of your summer dresses without having to wait until next year, and it means you don’t have to buy a whole new winter wardrobe. Work with what you have, not every summer dress will transition into a gorgeous cold weather outfit but many will. Have a play around with different pieces in your closet and see what you can make use out of.

When you know you will get full use from your clothes all year round, you can invest a little more money into them without feeling bad. At the very least, it means you’re not having to buy a whole new wardrobe of outfits every time the weather changes.

Do you transition your summer dresses through to the autumn and winter? Will you be following these tips to do so in future?


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