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Experience A Relaxing Holiday In Hungary

Experience A Relaxing Holiday In Hungary


When people think about visiting Hungary, chances are they’re going for the culture. The folk art, music, and dancing is world-renowned and attracts thousands of tourists to the country every year. Of course, Hungary has so much more to offer! Local cuisine and interesting nightlife activities are just some of the ways to have fun here. But did you know that there are places in Hungary where you can enjoy a relaxing water-themed break away? Try these activities next time you’re visiting Hungary:

Gellert Bath And Spa Centre – Budapest

The Gellert baths are actually several pools and baths in one place. If you’re ready to brave the elements, then you might take a swim in the open air pool. Bearing in mind the average temperature is in single figures for Hungary, this might be somewhat chilly! You’ll certainly warm up in the Finnish sauna, but some vigorous exercise in the pool with the wave machine might do the trick too. If nothing else, you can enjoy the Art Nouveau architecture and a hot cocoa.

River Cruise

If a river cruise is more your thing, then why not take advantage of one of the award winning cruises along the Danube? Book ahead to avoid disappointment or travel problems. Some are themed so they will take in the delights of Hungary accordingly. Scientific or technological advances from the biro pen to holography happened right here in Hungary. You can find out more about these stories and more on board, and at the various stops along the river. Enjoy fine food and good quality accommodation if you’re prepared to stay on board.

Promenade Walking

The Danube is, of course, a beautiful and long river. That means there are endless sights and well-marked paths and promenades to follow. You might choose to cycle, or even boat your way along. One of the best ways to see everything that the shores of this river offer is to walk. It’s free, it’s healthy, and you can find more of those hidden treasures off the beaten track. Of course, while in Budapest, why not also take advantage of one of these 25 things to do in Budapest? You may be surprised at how far your feet can carry you.

The Széchenyi Baths

Also in Budapest are the Széchenyi Baths. People come from all over the globe to take advantage of their medicinal properties. Health is important in this centre, so there are massages and other therapies on offer for an additional fee. You can visit these pools after dark to enjoy the light effects of the steam from these natural thermal spas.

Music Fountain – Margaret Island

Hungary is the home of many incredible musicians and composers throughout history. But few people are aware of the beautiful music fountain where water dances to the melodies of some of these amazing musical heroes. It’s an amazing spot to visit, and the area also treats and protects injured waterfowl from the region. This is certainly a must for any water-themed holiday in Hungary. Where will your Hungarian travels take you?


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