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Five Reasons To Sail Away On Your Next Vacation

Five Reasons To Sail Away On Your Next Vacation


Traveling by boat is something that very few people do, now that trains, cars, and planes have become more convenient modes of transport. But think about how often you’ve started your vacation as a tightly wound ball of stress because of your chosen travel route; trains delay, cars are cramped, and planes make you deal with customs, border control, and sitting in even more restrictive space. True, boats might seem small and isolated too, but you’re missing out on a lot of potential. When you’re planning your next vacation, here are a few reasons you should go on a boat.

You’re always on a beach

Even in the most prestigious beach destinations, you still have to walk a few minutes and search for a sizeable plot to set up your sunbathing zone. On a boat, you’re always on the beach, the water is right under your feet, and you don’t have to fight anyone for personal space. If you’re on a yacht, the distance from sun lounger to the sea is less than a few feet.

Your personal retreat

If you own a boat, then you can escape to a secluded paradise every weekend. It no longer has to be a luxury for those who can afford it; you can get help from boatfinancing.co to pay for your dream boat, or you can get a group to chip in so you can all enjoy a luxury holiday together. You can even hire a skipper for longer voyages so you can be waited on hand and foot during your vacation.

You can be extroverted or introverted

One of the reasons boats get bad reputations is that no one likes the idea of being stuck in a restricted space with people they might not like, but the size of the company is completely up to you. You can take a small sailing boat out by yourself, with your partner, or a small group of friend. Alternatively, you can book yourself on a cruise and meet as many people as you want. So many interesting people travel on a cruise, that you never know who you might meet at the buffet table. You might even meet your next travel buddy.

You’ll sleep better

It will take you a while to find your sea legs, but the effect it will have on your sleep is worth the momentary clumsiness. The rocking motion of the boat when it’s securely anchored will literally rock you to sleep. It’s even better if you’ve made port in a secluded bay with no city lights and very few sounds. If you’re warm enough under your blankets, you’ve created the perfect environment for sleep; cool and dark. You’ll still sleep well if your cruise has docked somewhere more lively; just bring a sleeping mask and earplugs and let the waves do the rest.

Amazing views

No matter where you’ve stopped, you always have an amazing view of sunsets, city coastlines, beaches, or natural beauty. It’s relaxing, and it looks great on Instagram.

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