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Flying For the Food: Top Foodie Travel Destinations

Flying For the Food: Top Foodie Travel Destinations


We all have our reasons for traveling. For some, it’s a chance to see the sights, and submerse themselves in the history and culture of the place. For others, it’s all about the people they meet along the way. Nice weather and relaxation motivates many to travel the globe, but for others it’s all about the food. If you’re a true foodie and really want to experience the different cuisine, ingredients, cooking styles and history of the food at your destination- here are three places you absolutely have to visit.


Melbourne’s cuisines draws influences from Europe, Asia, and in more recent years even the Middle East and Africa. This has meant the cuisine in the city has become an interesting melting pot of different cultures across the globe. Pair this up with the fact that Melbourne’s central and farmer’s markets ar some of the best in the world, you can really get a diverse mixture of fresh and interesting foods and tastes when you visit. Melbourne’s beef is raised to the best slow- grown methods due to excellent farming conditions, so if you fancy a juicy steak then you’re in luck. Being close to the sea, there’s of course an abundance of incredible seafood. Whether you want to go to a food vendor, a cafe, a fine dining establishment or buy some ingredients wholesale and throw them on the barbecue then you won’t go far wrong here. Foodie events such as the World’s Longest Lunch and areas like Mornington Peninsula solely dedicated to food and drink- if you love your grub you’ll be in heaven here.


Listed as one of the top ten food cities in America, just about every chef worth their salt wants a restaurant in the Golden State. You can enjoy food of all cuisines for all budgets. On top of this, California produces an incredible amount of wine- in fact, ninety percent of wine produced in the US is from here. Explore Napa Valley otherwise known as ‘wine country’ if you’re partial to a fantastic bottle. You could stay nearby in the Courtyard Fairfield Napa Valley Area which would cut down your travel time. America in general has plenty to offer in terms of food and drink, but if you’re serious about wining and dining then Cali should definitely be on your list.


Singapore is well known for its party scene, shopping opportunities, stunning environmentally-friendly buildings and of course its food. Eastern Asian food including Thai, Chinese, Thai Malaysian have become firm favorites in the west in the last few decades- and Singapore’s cuisine shares similarities. The food is so valued and important in Singapore it’s viewed being part of its national identity. Noodles are very popular, although you may be surprised to know that Singapore noodles aren’t originally from here and aren’t widely eaten. There are lots of authentic noodle dishes you can sink your teeth into though. Dim sum is also popular as is the street food- in fact it’s considered some of the best in the world. Some vendors have been awarded Michelin stars- the first time that has happened with the prestige food guide.


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