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Indonesia: The Land Of Volcanoes and Rain Forests

Indonesia: The Land Of Volcanoes and Rain Forests


One of the more popular destinations desired when it comes to exploring tropical climates, Indonesia is full of adventures. The land is filled with volcanos and millions of square miles of rainforest. It’s obviously a hot climate and wherever you have hot climates you also have a massive selection of birds. Birds will often migrate to the country during wintertime and live in the cities and forests just the same. There are many beaches to lounge on also as the country is a series of islands therefore there’s always a coast facing you no matter which way you look. There are also signs of ancient civilizations that lived on the island, many which were tribal and their statues still live on today; although in worse for wear condition. If you travel this far, you would be inclined to go exploring down the rivers and into the villages where the local people are still living a nomadic and tribal lifestyles. However you will also want to venture into the towns and cities where there is a whole range of cuisines to try, mainly from a Chinese influence.  

A Place to Stay

The country is quite sporadic in it’s layout, meaning you will have to make a base somewhere and then use it to travel outward in all directions. Rather than a hotel or a hostel, there are options to rent properties where you have total freedom to cook, have parties and enjoy your privacy. Many people that would like to travel for a couple of months in the country will find that this is the more cost-effective option as the rent is around $500 a month. However, there are many options for something more spacious and luxurious if you explore kontrakan rumah. Here you’ll find all manner of options ranging from simple one bedroom rooms that have a short-term rent policy, two bedroom apartments that are overlooking major cities as well as houses that are completely empty and nearer to the countryside. It depends on what you want, how large your group is and how long you will stay. It also depends on what kind of lifestyle you will have as cooking for yourself might be the better financial option for you. Be mindful however, the further out you go into the countryside the more difficult it might get to access public transport. If you are intent on exploring the rainforests this won’t be an issue.

A Tropical Stereotype

Perhaps the most beautiful and most recognized tropical coasts are in Australia. No one can deny that the coral reefs that are along the coasts in Melbourne are some of the best if not the best in the world. Nusa Lembongan is an island that is just to the southeast of Bali. it’s made up of three islands but what’s on the island isn’t as alluring as what’s around them. The Nusa Lembongan Reef is teeming with exotic fish, and complex plants that just like any coral reef go to war in the night. All along the coast there are limestone cliffs that are harboring bright green vegetation and tall swamp trees. As you can imagine the number one source of income for the islands is thanks to tourism. Many locals will make a living working in the industry. Here you can find many tour guides that will take you on tourist trails around the island where you can experience a bit of everything. However some of the locals can take you on their small boats around the coast where you can explore the rock formations, be closer to the fish and the coral reef itself. There are also luxury guesthouses that you can book with certain holiday companies that offer a range of services. These can be dining outside in the sun, your own swimming pool, fine dining, a candlelight spa treatment as well as taking you on fishing trips.

Exploring the Forest

If you have the bug of curiosity lodged deep in your mind, then you will need to explore at least one of the many rainforests the country has. Borneo is the largest island, that also comprises the most green land and thus the Kalimantan rainforest. It’s lush with thick vegetation and foliage. There are some of the tropical rainforest animals here such as monkey, parrots, and a whole range of insects. Some of the insects and animals are poisonous so it’s wise to make sure you learn about the precautions to take when going to the rainforest. The mass of the rainforest is around 210,000 square miles therefore it’s easy to get lost and potentially worse. Therefore you should book yourself with a local guide and not venture too deep into the forest. Be prepared and bring all your own things such as a sleeping bag, bug repellent, good strong hiking boots, plenty of bottled water, a simple first aid kit for cuts, and also a satellite GPS. make sure to tell the local authorities that you intend on going on a hike into the rainforest and stick to the established routes.

Amounting the Mountain

Dated between 23,000 and 28,000 year old, Mount Batur sits around 1,700 meters above sea level. However this volcano is a stretched out across the land by about 10 kilometers width and 13 kilometers in breadth. This makes it one of the largest volcanoes in any tropical climate in the world. However it’s recently become active since around 2000, which has caused some villages to be on alert at the base. It’s wise to hire a guide to go up the mountain as you will need to cross rivers and traverse around steep cliffs that do not have many helpful points of rest.

Indonesia is a land full of volcanoes and many rainforests with many chances to go on hikes and explore the local wildlife. You should establish a base from which you can go and return so all the islands are in close access. Exploring the rainforests can be an excellent experience as you are transported to a part of the world that has been around for thousands if not millions of years.



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