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Six Things Which Will Make Your Travels More Comfy

Six Things Which Will Make Your Travels More Comfy


Holidays are great, are they not? The buildup of excitement, weeks or even months prior to the actual journey, and then finally, the day you make your way to the airport or station. While the holidays are an almost-guaranteed great time, you know what is not? The traveling. We’ve all been on planes with no leg room, with non-reclining chairs or loud crying children, trains with no luggage compartments. It often starts off or finishes holidays on a bit of a rough note doesn’t it? Let’s see how you can make the journey to your holiday destination as enjoyable as the stay.


Good headphones are a lifesaver when traveling by any manner of transport really. Being able to block out the potential unwanted children screaming or snoring of a particularly loud passenger is a godsend on long journeys. Not to mention that you get to listen to all your favorite music while doing so, or you can catch up on all that music you keep promising you will listen to to all your friends. Of course, if music is not your thing, you can always just invest in some earplugs.

A pillow

A good travel pillow can make more difference than you would expect. Instead of the rock-solid seating often found in planes and coaches, shortly followed by the neck pain, you will have a relatively comfortable time falling asleep. Nothing beats a real bed, but this is as close as it gets in economy class. You can find lots of them at the airport, or if you have the time to buy them in advance, then it is highly advised as airport prices are known to be somewhat higher than usual.

Sleeping mask

If you have trouble falling asleep with lights or any minor distractions around you, a sleeping mask is a necessity. They are usually cheap, and nothing more than some material that you can put over your eyes while you sleep but they do the job perfectly fine. This combined with headphones or earplugs should make it much easier to get comfortable and drift off to sleep



This does not particularly apply to plane rides because it is not allowed to be taken on board, but oxygen plus can be used right when you get back your luggage. When traveling by plane, your body’s oxygen levels can drop even 10%, often making it hard to perform even the easiest tasks. If you suffer from post-travel sluggishness then this is highly recommended to get you topped up and ready for the rest of your holiday.


If the flight/ride is longer than a few hours, you might want to get some comfy footwear for the journey. Sure you can just take off your shoes and walk around in your socks, but it will not only be cold for your feet, your fellow passenger’s noses will not appreciate it if you’ve already had a long day. Slippers or slipper socks do the job very well and don’t take up much space.

Pack some food

From home, or from the shop, it doesn’t matter, just get something in advance. Even if you have a meal included with your flight, don’t bank on it. Plane food is infamous for quality which leaves a lot to be desired, as well as potential questionable side effects. Overall not very recommended. Same goes for bus journeys, even if they sell some snacks chances are the prices will border extortion. You can do something fancy if you like and look up some creative recipes to make your journey even more enjoyable, but then again, sandwiches never failed anyone. Sometimes it’s safe and hassle-free to stick with what you know.

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