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Winter Wanderlust: Dreamy Getaways For Nature Lovers

Winter Wanderlust: Dreamy Getaways For Nature Lovers


You’ve been staring out of the same window for weeks now. You have that uncomfortable feeling growing inside you which tells you to just escape for a short while. Seeing the same simple scenery, eating the same bland foods and meeting the same people is no longer your thing. You need to get out there and experience things you have always wanted to this winter. Feeling a cool breeze against your cheeks and getting comfortable on a plane to a new destination fills your with an indescribable anticipation. So say goodbye to your regular cosy winters indoors drinking tea and eating cookies. Pack your warmest winter woolies and escape to an adventure you’ve always dreamed of. From the tallest snow capped mountains to the tiniest creatures skipping through the forest. You can find the winter break for you which will fulfill your feeling of wanderlust from start to end.

Trains and Trails

If you haven’t already heard of Alaska’s winter wonderland then you need to get on board right now. Take a train on the Alaska Railroad which explores sweeping snowy landscapes and wild animals grazing as you pass them on your journey. The train is called the Aurora Winter Train and it will keep you safe and warm as you navigate through the icy scenery. If you’re a thrill seeker there is the option to go skiing and ice-climbing too. After a long day of exploring and winter activities you could visit the Aurora ice museum, where you can enjoy a cold beverage in the bar, served in a glass made of real ice. Be sure to pack your gloves for this one as you’re bound to feel the chill!

If you’re looking for an outdoorsy, yet natural experience why not visit the Yellowstone wolves. Situated in the Lamar Valley, which is also referred to as the little ‘Serengeti’ of North America, you can explore the wonderful nature trails with expert tour guides. The guides will be on hand to help you discover the tracks of the wolves. They will fill your with information and exciting facts about the local wildlife and you will leave feeling inspired with memories that will last a lifetime.

Winter Wolves

Magic In The Sky

If you’re an avid fan of the wondrous world beyond us and the solar system is a fascination to you, then you should definitely think of heading to Pic du Midi in France, which is known to be one of the best places for stargazing. Peek your head above the clouds and take a ride on a cable car. Travel up above into the sky and have a short overnight stay in a towering hotel, which is equipped with a huge telescope. There you will be able to view constellations in their clearest forms and watch the galaxies as you’ve never seen before.

Snowflakes And Sealife
If sea creatures are your thing there are a few different places you can go to get your fix. A day of ice fishing in Lithuania is a wonderful way to experience the combination of winter and nature at its finest. You will need some extra warmth for this trip, as it is so cold there that the fish can freeze within ten seconds of being caught. Handy to keep them fresh if you’re planning on a fish feast in the evening. Take some lessons from the locals as they show you how to lure the fish in with specially drilled holes. You’re in for an unbeatable and fulfilling experience

Who wouldn’t want to see some of Earth’s largest mammals in their natural habitats? Take a trip to Iceland and being a whale watching adventure at Reykjavik’s Old Harbour. The boat is fully equipped with a spacie deck and interior. It is safe for the whole family to enjoy an up close and personal experience of whales as they live their lives in the beautiful blue oceans. The captain and crew will guide you to specific points and give you the best tips on how to spot them from far away. You will leave with a whole host of information on the various species of whales and birds you’re bound to see on your journey.


Escape normality this winter and go and explore the world’s most beautiful creatures and see nature at its finest. Gather together your best friends and organize the trip of a lifetime. Your usual monotonous winter is usually spent indoors and running away from the cold weather, so embrace it this year. You will see and hear things you would never image possible. Dive head first into these dreamy winter getaways and you’ll feel satisfied with your choice to defy the norms this year.

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