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Designing Your Business Around You

Designing Your Business Around You


Your business is your oyster, so when it comes to designing the workspace it’s going to be carried out in, you’ve got so many considerations to make. You want to keep morale high amongst your co workers, and you’ll want to feel just as home in your startup as you do at home!

If you’re just starting up in business, you’re going to have a few things to your name. Mainly the brand name, a physical location, and the right assets to go into a startup to make sure it has a cushy and comfortable opening. So, you’re looking for the right ideas to set up your office, your meeting rooms, and to give your building the right atmosphere in general. Here’s a couple of tips of making sure that happens.

In the Main Office Area

If everyone has their own desk in the office, think about the layout and how it can work for you and your employees, as having to move every time you need something important for a job because aesthetics dictate that they be kept in place! Closed plan has the best kind of storage to utilize here, with plenty of chance to just reach under or above the desk to find a printer or the stapler.

The usual route: block coloring with a bit of a clinical edge. If you’re just going to paint the walls white, maybe with a little black printing to give it a touch of the glossy and glamorous, brightening up the walls with a picture or a few posters will make it a lot more interesting to look at. However, painting in these boring colors aren’t a good idea anymore, as they look stale, harm productivity, and there’s just so much more you could do with the room!

Depending on the look you’re going for, whether you want your office area to look a little more homely, or be dashed with color, or have a minimal feeling to it that everyone likes to add a plant or two to, the layout might need to be changed up for each style.

What Seating Will You Need?

If people are going to be at the desk on an average of 8 hours per day, those chairs are going to need to be comfortable and supportive for the back, and sites like that of https://www.conceptseating.com/ has some good reasons for this! It might also be an idea to invest in standing desks to keep posture good and keep blood flow to the legs abundant. No one likes having to keep rearranging themselves because they’re legs have gone dead after all.

Something plushy that can shape to you, or even just movable chairs to keep the flow of your workspace moving, is a better investment than the usual hard chairs we see in refectories and canteens across the world. Whilst they might be cheaper to buy in bulk, they don’t do anyone, or any look, any favors! Buy some cushions as well if you couldn’t afford proper desk chairs for every station, as this can feel more homely

For the Toilets

Don’t forget the behind the scenes either! The toilet area is extremely important to design correctly, as no one wants to sit in a bathroom that looks and feels clinical. If you can mix and match the paint on the walls alone, one side a bright or pale shade and painting it dark around the mirrors, it’ll work wonders on the comfort factor.

Air fresheners and soap dispensers always give a toilet that little spritz of freshness, and the places feel empty without them. It can also be cheaper to use proper hand towels instead of the paper version, as it’s cheaper to stack these up for people to use and then wash them at the end of the day.

Then you have the business itself to consider! Whether you have a small or large bathroom space to consider, cubicles can be hard to set up. You want to capitalize on space, so visit providers like https://www.partitionsandstalls.com/toilet-partitions.html to look into your stall options and what materials are right for your environment, and whether they fit into your budget as well!

A business can always benefit from a few well placed design choices, as it makes the place look good and feel better to be in compared to any other workspaces. Think what you’d want at home, and apply the same logic to your company floor plan.

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