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Spending Money To Make Money: Business Swag

Spending Money To Make Money: Business Swag


Everyone loves to get something for free. Leaving a business with something in your hands without spending a single penny is a great feeling, endearing people to your company and making them much more likely to spend with you in the future. Of course, it can often feel counter-intuitive to spend money when you’re not going to get anything back. But, in reality, you almost certainly will.

The Power Of Freebies

While making customers feel good about your business, giving them something for free could also have some more impressive effects. If you can find an item which is going to be used each and every day, you will be able to have your branding seen all the time. This may not get a customer on day one. But, over the coming months, they will be reminded more and more about you, eventually resulting in higher sales.

Some Options

  • Pens/Stationery: Most people don’t care about the appearance of the pens they use. Instead, it only matters that the one they have works, and this gives you a great chance. Branded pens and other stationery will always go down well, while also being very useful. 
  • Magnets/Stickers: Having an opportunity to have your logo sat on someone’s prize possession is a great way to keep in their mind. You can design die cut stickers online, giving you loads of freedom. Of course, though, you’ll need to make sure your designs look good. 
  • Mugs: Most people like to enjoy a five-minute break with a hot drink at some point during their work day. If you can capitalize on this time, you will be able to have your branding play a huge part in someone’s day. A mug is a great way to do this, though this can be an expensive item to give away. 
  • Basic Toys: It can be very calming to have something at your desk to play with when you’re working. By giving someone a small, basic toy, you could find another way to take up a large portion of someone’s day. Like a mug, this option could be a little too expensive for some companies.

What To Look For

Choosing the items you’re going to be giving away should always be done with your company in mind. For example, if your business makes mobile phones, you could consider having phone cases as your give away items. You should usually aim for items which will be unique to you, too. Altogether, this will make for freebies which truly capture your company, while also making them very recognizable to those who get their hands on them.

Hopefully, this post will be enough to inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into customers. A lot of businesses will struggle with this area, finding it hard to justify giving something away for free. Of course, though, with the benefits this can have, it will be well worth your time. You just have to make sure that you’re choosing the right things to give away.


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