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Taking Your Office Job Even Higher

Taking Your Office Job Even Higher


When you work a daily 9 to 5, you’ve got a lot of bonuses to your place of work: a regular schedule, regular breaks, co workers always around to help with tasks, and some good job security. However, that still doesn’t mean you’ve got to be completely happy with what you have! Getting bored just sitting at a desk day in and out? Maybe it’s time to spice up your work life a little, and to make sure you’re not stagnating your skills and talents away. Here’s some ways you can take your office job to better heights, and make sure you don’t go under-appreciated in your daily grind.

Make Some Little Changes

These are conscious changes you make off of your own back to try and improve your days at the office. For a couple of quick examples, you could start bringing in your own food or lunch with you, or getting to work a few minutes earlier than usual to settle down in the peace you deserve. The latter could be a good boon towards your boss (in terms of responsibility)!

Then there’s the sitting around all day that we should definitely avoid. Considering humans evolved to be like other animals i.e. to run around all day hunting food and then conserving energy during sleep, such a sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for anyone. Get a cushion behind your back to make sure you’re sitting up straight and not slouching too much, which can damage your spine. Then take breaks when you can to make sure you’re moving a little every couple of hours or so; work it out with your boss!

Do Tasks in Order of Annoyance!

There’s no denying there’s a lot at work we don’t want to do, but it’s getting these out of the way first that’s the most important. If you can get all your emails squared away within the first half hour or so of turning up, you immediately have a much more pleasant day ahead! Then it’s the meeting at 4; cut this down if you run out of topics!

Try Changing the Model of Your Work Days

Outsourcing is incredibly popular nowadays, and that means people need you to fill in for them across all sectors. Take them up on this offer to learn as much as you can, and to hone your skills as best as you can!

You can always join a temp services agency, as this allows you to bounce around and work where you’re needed when it suits you, which is often a great way to find more opportunities. If you’re bored with the same old day in and day out, this is a good way to introduce variance, and any skills you have from the job you’ve been working for years now means you’re always going to be in demand.

Your office job is a good foundation for a career, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to make the most out of it.

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