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Apps That Have Shaped The Hotel Industry

Apps That Have Shaped The Hotel Industry


If you want to discover the best way to get somewhere – there is an app for it. If you are bored and want to play a game – you will find plenty on your mobile’s app store. If you want to buy a last minute birthday present – you just have to head to your favorite retail store’s app. If you want to check what the weather is next weekend – you guessed it; there is an app for that too.

Apps are growing in quantity as well as capabilities too. They are now integral to an array of different industries. One industry they have had a profound impact on is the hotel and hospitality industry.

In this post, we will take a look at six apps that have impacted the world of hotels. But be mindful, you will need a good internet connection in place to benefit from these. Consider the likes of Suddenlink for blazing fast speeds. There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait minutes for an app to load, only for it to crash, and then need to be reopened again.

To excel in the hotel sector, it’s not just about using and leveraging the right apps, it is about having the right tech and equipment to be able to do so successfully. So, with that being said, let’s delve deeper into the app side of things.

So, which apps have revolutionized the hotel sector?

  1.    Airbnb

You were probably expecting Airbnb to feature high up on this list, right? This app is great for those who are looking to go travelling to several countries. This is for the ultimate backpacker. You will find cheap rooms to rent via this online hotel marketplace, which can be accessed through your mobile app. You can use this app to arrange tourism experiences and homestays, as well as offering lodging. It has given smaller and independent hotels a great platform for competing with bigger businesses.

  1.    TripAdvisor

Being well rated on TripAdvisor can do wonders for your hotel. When people are deciding whether to visit a restaurant, a club, a hotel, or anything else travel related, they head to their TripAdvisor app to read reviews by other people. This is definitely a powerful app. People can find out everything from whether the food is nice, if the floorboards creak, and you can even see photos of your hotel room if someone else has stayed and uploaded it – great for boutique hotels especially!

  1.    Hotels.com

Hotels.com is one of the most popular apps for people who wish to book a hotel from their mobile phone. It is highly recommended that you have your hotel listed on this app. This is particularly good for those hotels that are situated near landmark places, as it allows people to find the closest hotel to their main area of interest.

  1.    aMetro

Most of your guests will come to reception and ask you how to get to a certain place. It is always good to have a travel app at hand just in case you have new staff or you are not familiar with your guests desired location. aMetro is a great choice for this.

  1.    Hotel Tonight

If you have had a last minute cancellation then put the room on hotel tonight. You can offer it at a lower rate in order to entice customers and make sure you book the room out. This is a great way for customers to get luxury for less and for you to minimize your losses.

  1.    FlightTrack Pro

This app is useful if your hotel has connections with tour operators and so you have coaches of guests coming from particular flights. You will be able to tell if a flight has been delayed or altered and, therefore, you can make sure your staff members are on hand for when the influx of customers come through your hotel doors.

These six apps are recommended for anybody that is involved in the hotel industry. They offer great ways of maximizing your productivity and ensuring that all of your hotel’s rooms are booked too. Just remember it is important to have a high-speed Internet connection.



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