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Five Ways to See More of the World On Your Next Vacation

Five Ways to See More of the World On Your Next Vacation


If you seem to return from every break wanting to stay and explore more, it might be time to start traveling smarter. Mix with the locals, experience life to the fullest, and make sure that you go off the beaten path next time you plan your summer vacation or a romantic getaway. Below you will find five tips on how to see more of your destination in less time and recharge your batteries, explore new experiences, and have something to talk to your friends about.

Use AirBNB or Similar Services

Instead of staying at the resort all day through the week, go out there and see how locals live. Rent an apartment, villa, or sign up for AirBNB to explore real neighborhoods that are not designed for tourists. You can see how people in the country shop, where they work, how they get around, and enjoy the best coffee in town. Learn a few words and start interacting with your host, waitress, and everyone you meet to get ideas on attractions you should visit.

Get Your Friends to Invite You to Their Holiday Home

If you are lucky enough to have friends who have a holiday home, they might want to invite you to spend a few days with them. They have been visiting the same destination for a long time, therefore, you are in the best hands when looking for a romantic restaurant, an archeological site, or a pub locals hang out on Friday nights. You can even offer to rent your friends’ place and get them to stay for a day or two to show you around.

Hire A Boat

When visiting a beach resort, we are all guilty of staying by the pool all day sipping cocktails. If you signed up for an all inclusive deal, you might not even need to leave the resort. However, to explore the culture and traditions of the country, see the surrounding islands and landscapes, you can hire a boat or sign up for a day trip. Check out BOAT.ME  for offers in your destination and you are good to explore.

Go On a Cruise

If you are after a change of scenery every day, you might want to sign up for a romantic cruise instead of a beach hotel deal. You can wake up in a new country every day, hop off the ship and explore the culture of a new city. Getting a cruise deal online is not hard; there are several comparison sites that help you find the holiday to recharge your batteries. You can check out the attractions and itineraries before you book your cruise.

Get a Local Private Tour Company on the Case

To stay off the beaten path, you might want to talk to a local private tour operator that will show you what is really worth seeing, instead of the commonly visited tourist attractions. If you visit Asia, you will find great hosts offering low cost packages with a tour guide accompanying you all the way.

Make sure you see everything worth seeing during your next vacation instead of staying by the pool and on the beach.

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